Limited Edition Adobe ATC’s…get them HERE!!!

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Well I have a few Adobe ATC’s left and you’re welcome to get one. I will mail it to you you just email me at with your mailing address and you’ll have your very own limited edition Adobe atc from me!! These are very hot so act now, quantities are limited!!!

Here is a preview for you, the side with the calendar is the back and the front has my pictures on it.

Adobe Recap in the DSP Newsletter

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Howdy all my faithful subscribers & readers. Guess what my recap of the Adobe Laptop Crop will be the main article in the DSP Newsletter for August. If you want to read all about it (and get a freebie too) be sure to subscribe to the newsletter.

It was an awesome experience and I soooo recommend it to EVERYONE!!!!!

Hanging out

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We had fun hanging out as a team last night at some local bar. I was able to get to know some of my fellow team members a lot better and definitely LAUGHED a lot.

Got to bed pretty late. But woke up pretty early still. I'm all packed and ready for our team breakfast this morning.

I sure did have an AWESOME time and hope to be able to make the next one...where ever or whenever it is!! Sure hope you can come too!
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We're here scrapping away. I've done 2 pages and am working on a third!! More than I've done in along time!!!
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Crop Day!!

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I have terrible jet lag! I was up at 2 am and had to force myself to get back to sleep. So I did and finally allowed myself to get up at 5!! Yikes!

I got a shower, ironed my clothes, packet up all my electronics and am having a cup of coffee.

I think I might have missed out on some team activities last night...I am a little bummed about that but truly I needed my rest and I did get to get to know my roomie AmberK better so that was definitely cool!

The crop starts a 9 am as team members we are meeting at 8 am (I think...???) to eat bfast first then going to set up.

I will send pictures from the crop later.

An EXCITING day that's for sure!!!!!
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Photowalk and dinner

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Lauren and Kim hosted DSP's photowalk yesterday afternoon. What a fun time to meet members and get to know team members better.

I followed really closely behind kim so I could bother her with a bunch of questions she said she didn't mind so I will believe her :). But I was sooooo thankful she took time to give me some guidence!! Get this....I TOOK MY CAMERA OFF AUTO!!!!!!!! And I actually kind of knew what I was doing!!!!! THANKS TO KIM!!!!!


After the photo walk we had dinner at a pub/brewery it was good and again fun to hang out with the members and team!!

The picture is of one of the participants having a grand old time with her margaritas!!! I'll let you try and guess who it might be :)

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Wew got to tour adobe!! This is a shot in the conference room we will be in tomorrow. Oh that is amanda and margie in the pict.

We're eating dinner at a bar tonight. Pretty good I had the pasta...yummy.
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Standford University

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A couple of guys on my shuttle were headed to stanford university so I got to see alittle bit of the campus. Mostly dorms and athletic fields.

We're traveling through palo alto right now lots of houses with beautiful gardens and flower beds all through the streets. Lots of the homes have gated courtyards out front. Very lush and pretty.
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I've landed. The flight was smooth. I'm in my shuttle headed to San Jose. The outside of the airport is really pretty.

So I'm about 40 minute away from the hotel.
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5:45 a.m.

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That is the too early time I had to wake up at this morning :). Had to get showered dressed and get the kiddo ready to goto grandma's house.

I was pretty much all packed last night execpt for contacts and my name tag for the photowalk.

Speaking of my name tag I had to finish it up this morning gluing on 2 things. I can't give too much away or show you a picture yet b/c there is a contest. I sure hope mine is impressive to the judges I put a lot of hard wor into it. I will post a picture after the photowalk.

We're on the way to dh's job where I will catch MARTA to the airport. I will have to get my breakfast at the airport.

Let me tell you alittle about the freakout I had last night. I had my packing list and was checking this off when I saw on the list Laptop & Charger .... WHAT CHARGER...ACK!!! I am using my work laptop and I bring it home every night but I don't really ever need the charger because it charges on the docking station when I go back to work. So there I was at 11 pm thinking I had to go all the way to the office but I did have my key it was given to a co-worker while I'm gone. I called my sister to see if I could try her charger and Praise God it did!!!! That so far has been my only freakout.

Well I'm almost to marta.

Hugs all!!!
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A few more hours

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Only a few hours left before I’m on the plane headed to San Francisco and then San Jose (by shuttle) to attend DSP’s Laptop Crop at ADOBE HQ!!!!!!  I’m super exited!!!


Of course I will be blogging from the road so watch out for those posts!!!!


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Saw this on Stephanie’s blog but the link isn’t available anymore but I absolutely loved this. I googled wordle. You can put in your own words or put in a website or blog url and it will pull words automatically. These are the words that were pulled from my blog. I just kept randomizing it and loved how this turned out!!! I think I might do one with just birthday words and make a card out of it.



OH and let me know if you Wordle something…post a link in the comments and I will go check it out!!!!


Who’s Sexy Smile is this?????

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It belongs to a real H-O-T-T-I-E who stars on a hit TV show.  I’m asking this bit of trivia because my sister met him and got her picture taken with him!!!!!!


Okay leave your guess in the comments before you click over to Rebecca’s Blog and find out if you’re right.

Many of you have asked for the hand outs and guide that my sister had put together and I had shared about our last CSBP: Tips for Saving $ and Practical Living. Good News!!! She is has posted on her blog the hand outs!!!

Check out her blog at: eisor|rosie's money madness blog scroll down to her post on coupon sharing. She has at the bottom links to download the hand outs and the coupon guide.

Enjoy!!!! Happy Couponing...and again let me know if you score any good deals!!!!

Happy Birthday to Sandy!

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Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday dear friends,
Happy Birthday to You!

God’s Blessings on You,
God’s Blessings on You,
God’s Blessings dear friends,
God’s Blessings on You!

Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law Sandy!!!

graphic credits: Designer – Linda Rechtin’s Blow Out the Candles Page Kit available in the DSP Store

Happy Birthday to my Son!!!

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July 20th was Jack’s 2nd Birthday…and with all the busy, hurrying around that time I forgot to post this! YIKES what a cruddy mom.  So here you go.  If you go to his blog you’ll see pictures of the party.

Happy Birthday to my Son…to my son…to my son,

Happy Birthday to my Son,

My Son, Jack-a-mo!!

(sung to the tune of London Bridge)



Today my boy turns 2!!!!!  We’re of course super excited and thankful to have such a wonderful little boy!!!!

2 years ago at 1:54pm Jack-a-mo was born at 8lbs 11oz!!  What an incredible day!!



Here he is at his 1st birthday party, awe he looks so little :)  (of course I still have that shirt)

Jack's Birthday 2-21-07 011


Here he is today on his 2nd birthday.  We will be having his birthday party in 2 stay tuned for that one!!

couponguide 003

And you thought it was catchy as an Ipod Commercial

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Check out this great sesame street clip featuring Feist's 1..2..3..4..


my my my...look at how cool this is:

We had our second meeting of our Christians Should be Prosperous: Tips for Saving Money and Practical Living yesterday morning at 8:30. Rosemary Lengsas, shared on Groceries and Couponing.

She gave us LOTS of information on how to save money at the grocery store. I enjoyed her sharing because she showed us how we could save money (up to 50%) if we didn’t want to put too much work into it. She also showed us how to save 70-90% on our grocery bills if we just put alittle bit more effort into it.

Here she is sharing at the front of the room (look at all the props and examples she brought):

CSBP Meeting 2 008

And here is a shot of the whole room listening very carefully:

CSBP Meeting 2 006

(That’s me in the front row on the right…yeah i kind of look like a teenage boy YIKES I might need to glamorize a bit more.)

Now I’ve been studying under the Coupon Queen for a few weeks now and I still learned so much. She had ALOT to share and didn’t even get to it all by 10am. We received handy folded booklets that fit in our purses that cover all the bases when headed out to the store. Like which stores take coupons which don’t. Which stores take competitor coupons, which stores double. The lingo and common terminology in the coupon world and online resources for finding more information.


One thing that I put together to make things a bit clearer was these equations:


Manu stands for Manufacturer’s coupon. I like having the visual on how to maximize your savings.

So are you interested to know if I put anything into application yet?? I did I did!!!! On Tuesday I went to publix and bought the Classico Pasta Sauce that was by one get one free (or 50% off) so $2.00 each. I then used a competitor store coupon for $1.00 off one Jar. So for every jar I purchased I used one coupon so it worked out to be $1.00 per jar of Classico Pasta Sauce!!!! But at the very beginning I used a $5 off $35+ purchase which was a store coupon. I bought a bunch of frozen veggies for 50% off but didn’t have any coupons. I did get a raincheck so I’ll look for coupons in the future to help save even more. My total bill was 69.17 (at sale prices, included) and with my coupons alone I saved $13. I’m not going to figure out how much I really saved just due to things being BOGO, let’s just say ALOT MORE!!!

How exciting to see significant savings on groceries with only a little bit of work! Another great point is that when you do coupon you’re purchasing NAME BRAND items. You don’t have to settle for store brand groceries when you shop with coupons. COOL!!!

Well there is a little bit of a review on our 2nd CSBP: Tips for Saving Money & Practical Living meeting.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’d be happy to help answer them or get my sis to answer. Also let me know if you have any coupon victories to share!!!

Bless you!!!

Do you want to dance??

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While watching this incredible video you will sooo want to dance!!!!

Another T-shirt Entry

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Here is my last T-shirt entry for the Cardinal Lake T-shirt Design contest the deadline is tomorrow. The inside of the cardinal image is filled with adjectives about Cardinal Lake I’m really liking this one and really like it in all one color. Not sure when the winner(s) will be announced but I’ll let you know if one of my designs makes it!!!


Goal for Today: Clean off my desk

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Okay I'm at work today and I have 5 state taxes due tomorrow. And of course my desk is over run with to do stacks. My method to day of attacking these stacks is the SIZE method. I'm starting with the fat-est file and biggest bundles of papers and working my way down to the individual sheets & to do post-its!

The ABC’s of Me

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Saw this on my cousin sara’s blog and thought I’d participate too!!

A is for age: 26

B is for burger of choice: 5 guys!! YUMMY

C is for the car I drive: Honda Odyssey

D is for your dog's name: no dog.

E is for essential item you use every day: comfortable shoes

F is for favorite TV show at the moment: doogie howser (hulu)

G is for favorite game: Scattegories.. Im a champion

H is for home state: Kansas

I is for instruments you play: Keyboard (of the computer variety)

J is for favorite juice: grape, but I don’t drink it often…mostly drink orange juice

K is for whose bum you'd like to kick: my own sometimes

L is for last restaurant at which you ate: hmmm actually in the restaurant?????  I can’t remember…take out = 5guys

M is for your favorite Muppet: Ms Piggy

N is for number of piercings: 4 – 2 in each ear

O is for overnight hospital stays: WAY TOO MANY TO COUNT

P is for people you were with today: DH and DS

Q is for what you do with your quiet time: huh??? not sure if i have that.

R is for biggest regret: being to introverted sometimes

S is for status: Married since August 2003 (WOWZERS almost 5 years!!!)

T is for time you woke up today: 7:30 what a treat!

U is for what you consider unique about yourself: I don’t know.

V is for vegetable you love: right now brocoli (especially in pasta LOL)

W is for worst habit: biting my nails in crowded atmospheres

X is for x-rays you've had: head, hips, teeth

Y is for yummy food you ate today: haven’t eaten anything yet…unless you count tooth paste.

Z is for zodiac: don’t know don’t care.

Element_BirthdayCakeSticker copy

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday dear friends,
Happy Birthday to You!

God’s Blessings on You,
God’s Blessings on You,
God’s Blessings dear friends,
God’s Blessings on You!


Happy birthday to my cousin becca, cousin sara, and Dan!

I’m believing for your day to be absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!


graphic credits: Designer – Linda Rechtin’s Blow Out the Candles Page Kit available in the DSP Store 

WLW-Update w/download link

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Well if you read my previous post on WLW (Windows Live Writer) you’ll see that I’m very much enjoying it.  Read the comments and you’ll see a link to download a newer version called the Tech Preview Version.  Thanks to Joe Cheng for pointing me in the right direction for this version.

In my post on my latest DIY Project you’ll see that the photos have been masked with rounded corners.  How cool is that??? WLW did for me!!! HOW COOL is that!!!!

I’ve only been using this software for a little over 24 hours and it certainly has made my blogging so much more enjoyable!!!

Be sure to check out Joe Cheng blog for more helpful tips on WLW.

And here is the link to download the Tech Preview Version

Oh lookie here helpful videos on how to use WLW!!!!D85741BB5E0BE8AA!1490.entry

I intend to check these out let me know if you find anything else I might find useful. 

DIY Project - Peacock

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My mom gave me their plastic peacock wall art the other day, which I've been wanting for along time.  I decided to paint it white.  I hung it on our newly painted kitchen wall.

Finished Project:

peacock 004

I was too impatient to get the project complete I forgot to take a good before shot. Here is my in progress and the before shot.  See all the bright colors pretty and fun but I think seeing it in complete white makes it soo beautiful!!  My goal is to find some white milk glass plates to hang 3 on either side I think that would complete the whole wall.

peacock 002

Yikes...I'm having an affair ... with WLW!

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WLW Windows Live Writer...I have been an avid Scribefire supporter for over a year and really thought they could do no wrong.

That is until I started looking for an add-in or something that would automatically link phrases/words I use frequently to the websites that I normally link them to. 

I wasn't looking to add advertisements just something to make hyperlinking easier.  So I googled but could not find anything. 

I asked a web developer friend, Denny if he was aware of anything out there, and luckily he had time to put together this QuickLinks application on his website.  Yippie thanks Denny!

I start reading my google reader and come across a blog post talking about Windows Live Writer and how much she loves this application.  She mentions how it auto links but doesn't think it is that great of a feature...I WAS SO EXCITED to read that and started researching.  Yippie really close to what I was looking for!!!

It was a hard decision though, I am not a fan of any Microsoft Live products. And I'm a huge google follower (you might say addict).  I love this post about the difficult decision to CHOOSE microsoft over another product.

  • I've only been using it for a little bit and (gulp) I'm in love!
  • It works great with blogger.
  • Lets me put in my categories and set a publish date. 
  • I've already started setting up my link glossary.
  • Easily blogged with an embedded video.

I highly recommend Windows Live Writer!!! 

I will certainly miss the portability of ScribeFire. I have that on all my computers and I love how quick and easy it is to use in firefox. I'm pretty sure I will still use ScribeFire for blogging on my laptops and will use the QuickLinks application to do my linking.

Let me know if you download WLW and if you love it as much as I do!!!

I love me some NPH

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Neil Patrick Harris that is!!! What a cutie...and oh so funny!!! I just finished watching the first 2 seasons of Doogie Howser a couple weeks ago at hulu. He has a new internet only project that premieres this tuesday only at you've got to check it out!!! Here is the preview video:

These pictures are on the Cardinal Lake website showing the 4th of July festivities. I believe T. Watch took all the pictures and they are absolutely WONDERFUL. But here is a view of the boat from the dock as we rode in chanting USA USA USA!

And here is one of me watching Jack at the pool waiting for dh to arrive with my bathing suit :) I was drenched by the time it got there.

It was such a great day. Loved the event that CLCA put on so much fun hanging out with the neighborhood and enjoying a relaxed day celebrating our country's independence!!!

Scrapbook Crop

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Our last scrapbook crop in May was wonderful I got to meet 3 wonderful DSP members for the first time and we all were treated when Elizabeth Weaver, a DSP designer attended as well!!!

I promised we'd do another one so I better get things going to plan it. But I need help deciding which date will work the best. Check out this poll at DSP and pick which date works best for you!!!

I sure hope you're able to attend!!!


T-Shirt Design Contest

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The Cardinal Lake Home Owners Association is having a T-Shirt Design contest. There are 2 categories one for Kids and one for Adults. The adults must have an environmental/green theme and had to have "Cardinal Lake" on it. You can enter as many designs as you want. Here are my first 2:

The second one is titled: Duck Duck Goose LOL!! If you lived around here you'd know that we have SOOOOO many ducks and geese on the lake Some love them and some hate them but they're here to stay :)

Happy Father's Day

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Happy Father's Day! Yes I know that was a few weeks ago but just now uploading picts from my other memory card. Jack and I are so thankful to have such wonderful fathers & grandpas!!!!!!

Papaw, Jack-a-mo, & Kenny

Jack-a-mo & Grandpa B
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Here we all are getting ready to show off our boat at Cardinal Lake's bost decorating contest.
Fun fun fun!!!
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Happy fourth!!

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Here jessie is all dressed up in her uncle sam outfit.
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Blog List

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Hey! You'll notice a new feature on the left hand side of my blog it is a new feature offered by blogger that they've made SUPER easy to add a list of blogs and a title of their last post!!!!! Since I use google reader it was SOOOOOOOOOO quick and easy. Here is a video on how to add one to your blogger blog:

I did it I switched!!!

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I've downloaded and upgraded to FireFox 3 a few days ago. I'm really loving it!!! I have a couple add-ons that aren't compatible with the new version but I'm okay with that the main ones I use work great!!! It was a blog post from the Google Operating System blog that really put me over the edge. I especially was interested in the reduction of memory leaks and

* you can add web applications as handlers for protocols like mailto.
That means you can open all the mail links in Gmail without installing
an extension if you follow these instructions. Hopefully, in the next
version of Firefox you'll be able to also open other kinds of links in
web applications (for example, open PDF files in PDFMeNot). ~ excerpt
from the Google Operating System blog

Of course I haven't set everything up yet but just from the start I'm loving the auto-fill in the address bar!!! That totally rocks!!!

Here is a list of the add-ons I use on most of my computers:
DownThem All
Download Embedded (not working in FF3)
Tmobile Minutes Used (not working in FF3)
Plaxo Search Tool Bar
DSP Store Tool Bar
DSP Site Tool Bar

So have you upgraded to FF3 yet???? What add-ons do you have????

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