What’s RSS Feed and why would I subscribe to it?

Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Here is a slide presentation I put together a while back that explains a little bit about what RSS Feeds are and how to use a Reader to manage many RSS Feeds.

Okay do you get RSS Feeds now??  Have you signed up for a reader?  My preference is Google Reader, however there are many readers out there just google to find one.
Now that you have a reader and understand RSS Feeds let’s discus how you can subscribe to my blog.  I know you never want to miss out on a post so lets get connected.
You can subscribe to all posts on my blog in three ways. 
1. In the URL Bar:
Liz 2.0 - Mozilla Firefox 12162008 94812 PM.bmp
2. At the top of the blog header:
Liz 2.0 - Mozilla Firefox 12162008 95439 PM.bmp
3. Via E-mail:
Liz 2.0 - Mozilla Firefox 12162008 95737 PM.bmp

Now a another feed you can subscribe to is the Comments Feed.  Subscribing to this feed will keep you current on all comments made on any blog post, including reply posts by me.
Liz 2.0 - Mozilla Firefox 12162008 100435 PM.bmp

Now you’re all set to start subscribing to my blog and using your reader to start subscribing to blogs all over the web.
I’d love to hear your your thoughts on RSS Feeds & Readers.  Which Reader are you using?  What are your favorite blogs?
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