10 Ways to Save Money on Digital Scrapbooking

Posted by Liz McCoy Thursday, February 11, 2010


Being down to a one income household my family and I are always looking for ways to save money.  One of the first areas to be cut was our entertainment budget inside that category was my hobbies. So I have to look for ways to scrap for free or nearly free. I wanted to share with you a few things that I do to save money when it comes to my digital scrapbooking.


1. Use, Re-use, and Use it Again…(and Again)

Make the kits you have go further. That's one of the fantastic things about digital scrapbook kits is that they can be used an endless number of times.


2. Sale Items & Freebies!

This is the best deal I've heard of in a long while at my favorite digital scrapbooking site, they offer a weekly freebie with a purchase in the store.  They also offer an Item of the Week at only 99 cents! So if you were to just purchase the 99 cent item each week and getting the new freebie. You'd be getting 2 digital scrapbook items for .50 each!! That is just an incredible steal!!!


There are lots of freebies available on the web just Google free digital scrapbook kits and you'll find a ton of sites offering freebies of all kinds and themes, etc. I must mention that the quality of graphics offered for free are not always the greatest. Be aware of what you're downloading and where it is coming from.  Keep your anti virus software up-to-date. 


Also when you start downloading digital scrapbook freebies from all over the web you will find that each designer packages things differently.  Be prepared to spend a little extra time organizing. The little bit of extra work and effort is worth it when you can find some high quality digital scrapbook freebies.


My favorite Font sites are: dafont.com (freebies) | DSP Font Collection | LetteringDelights


3. Sign up for Mailing Lists, Blogs, Sties and become Facebook Fans too!

Many designers and digital scrapbook stores have blogs and newsletters.  Sign up and subscribe to these as often there are freebies only subscribers can receive.  Digital Scrapbook Place has a tremendous monthly newsletter that has 2 freebies in it each month.  Also DSP designers have their own blogs where they will often offer up freebies! The new big thing is to be a fan on Facebook. It certainly is worth doing all of the above to maximize the opportunity to snag great freebies when they are offered.


Sometimes just for signing up at a digital scrapbooking site you get access to whole galleries full of freebies with out any purchase!


Here are some of the blogs I subscribe to that offer freebies on a pretty regular basis: Tina Chambers | Bethany (wordart)| Nicole Young | Lindsay Jane (templates)| Robyn Gough


4. Join in on Challenges, and Contests

Digital Scrapbook designers at DSP run scheduled challenges where if you purchase items and complete layouts with those items you get rewarded with a freebie.  Again there is typically a purchase required, and the freebie then offsets a bit of the cost of the initial purchase.


Also at Penscrappers they offer a monthly contest that includes a freebie for contestants to work with to make them eligible to win prizes.


5. Apply for Creative Team Positions

Many of your favorite designers have creative teams. These people usually get free or deeply discounted products when the commit to completing x amount of layouts per month week, etc. Every designer has their own requirements. This is not an option for everyone but perhaps it is for you.  You can learn more about DSP's Creative team The Digital Elite Team here.


6. Using Coupons

You know I absolutely love coupons and there are lot sites out there that give you coupon codes and heads up on great deals. One of my favorite is retailmenot.com I love double checking my favorite sites before I place online orders.


Digital Scrapbook Place Coupon Codes | Shutterfly Coupon Codes | Artscow Coupon Codes


7. Value Collections, Mega Kits & CD's

Try to find kits and collections that give you the most bang for your buck. Digital Scrapbooking sites offer value collections, Mega Kits and CDs that work out per item cheaper than purchasing the same items separately. The more that you get of coordinating items the further you can get in scrapbooking a whole album using one Megakit or one Value Collection. 

Typically in the one of these items you will get 2 to 10 times as much than you would in a standard digital scrapbook kit.


8. Clubs & Memberships

You can join pre paid digital scrapbooking clubs and member only areas that get you great deals too.  Some paid memberships get you access to member only areas of the site where freebies are shared or exclusive coupons.  At my favorite digital scrapbooking site you can join Club Digital, each month you get 2 page kits, a plopper/overlay, a template, alpha, word art, a font, and stamps, plus a money saving coupon.


9. Go Offline

Check your Local Retail Stores, Garage Sales, and Consignment Sales.

Recently I've found that the digital scrapbook supplies sold at Hobby Lobby stores have been on clearance.  You may find that other craft and hobby stores, even your local scrapbook store carries digital supplies.  You can also use their weekly discount coupons to get discounts of 40% or more. Watch for these items to go on clearance or on sale.


Check out office supply stores also I've found some scrapbook printer paper on clearance for $1.00 and have found other digiscrapping goodies on clearance as well. I've also found scrapbook software on clearance at these stores too!


In my area there is scrapbook consignment sale that goes on twice a year. The last couple times I've gone as a shopper and not a seller I've found many digital scrapbook supplies being sold at discount prices. I've also found literature, books, magazines, and how to manuals there as well.


Looking at the local level is going to require a bit more effort and maybe a little bit of luck but it is available to find great deals on digital scrapboook supplies offline


10. Design your own!

If you really want to save money on digital scrapbook supplies you can design your own.  There are many classes out there that teach you how to design digital scrapbook elements, kits, etc.  You can search you tube for specific techniques you want to learn, and check out sites that offer free scrapbooking tutorials.


The online learning sites I prefer are: Digital Scrapbook U | Eclectic Academy

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