DIY Shaker Ornaments

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For the last 7 years my son and I have been hosting an ornament swap. The catch is we don't buy our ornaments we make them! Really it is an excuse to have some fun crafting time with my kids. Over the years we've worked out a few kinks and now we make about 20 ornaments each year for those who want to swap with us.

This year's ornament has been in my head since last year. I had a bunch of poster tubes that I've collected hoarded over the years and they all had 2 end caps in each one. I really wanted to actually use all the things I've been saving and these caps were on my list. I had an idea to make them into little shakers or snowglobe type things. I figured out a way that used a bunch of my craft supply stash and turned out super cute ornaments.

shaker ornament 01

 Here are the supplies I used: poster tube caps, transparency sheets, foam stickers, ribbon, washi tape, hot glue, and sequins (all of which I had in my stash o' stuff)

shaker ornament 02

Use the stickers to make a scene on the inside of the poster tube cap, then add your sequins, glitter, or beads. This is the easy and fun part.  My kids loved sticking the stickers and picking just the right ones for their friends.

shaker ornament 03

This is the tricky part. I had a thin rim on the tube cap that I had to run a bead of hot glue along. This is NOT the part to have the kids do. Once you've got your glue move quickly to add a square of transparency film over top of the cap.  Use a book to hold the film down so it is flat.  You will want to make sure you get glue around the whole edge so when you add the transparency film it will seal the sequins and loose pieces in. The glue doesn't have to look perfect you will cover the glue with the washi tape.

shaker ornament 04

I flipped over the cap and used my scissors to trim away the extra transparency film. Note make sure your glue is cooled before you flip it over or shake it, if you don't your sequins will stick to the edge.

Next up wrapping the edge with a strip of washi tape.  The washi tape that I used was a bit thicker and tackier than another roll that I had tried. This kind stuck really well. I covered about half way on the side then folded it over. The tape makes a nice little frame for your shaker.

shaker ornament 05

Last step is to add a hanger on the back. I used ribbon folded over and glued onto the back.  Pretty simple and easy.

shaker ornament 06

I'm so excited to send these off to our friends and family who are swapping with us this year. What do you think will they like them?

shaker ornament 07

Thankful Wreath Printable

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thankful wreath craft

Today I'm sharing a little craft I've been working on for our bimonthly Children's Fellowship.  I'm sharing on having a thankful heart and thought this craft would be a great compliment to the sharing as well as a visual reminder for our kids. This would also make a great craft to make in your homeschool classroom.

This was a simple craft if you're doing this with one or two kids who can easily handle scissors it might take you about 30 minutes to complete since there is a bit of cutting involved.

I am preparing 15 copies of this craft and the cutting needs to be done ahead of time.  So my prep time is much longer.  However having all the pieces cut the assembly of this craft took about 10 minutes.

I've designed the craft as a template that you can download here and print out at home.

construction paper 
glue stick
crayons or markers 
yarn, ribbon, or string

  1. Print Template onto heavy weight cardstock.
  2. Cut along the solid lines to cut out the Banner, Wreath, & Leaf Template.
  3. Trace the leaf template onto your construction paper & cut out your leaves. (Approximately 20 leaves cover the wreath)
  4. Hole Punch holes in wreath & tie yarn to form a hanger
  5. Color the ‘I am Thankful’ banner
  6. Arrange and glue the leaves onto the wreath.
  7. Glue the ‘I am Thankful!’ banner over the leaves onto the  wreath
  8. Write things that you are thankful for on the leaves 



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My $.42 Fall Wreath

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Well lookie here two crafty posts in one week!  I've still not finished dressing up my front porch but I did want to get a wreath up rather quickly. I also didn't want to spend any money. This wreath accomplished both those goals.

Fall Wreath
I went to the garage to find stuff to make this wreath.  I needed a form of some sort and found one of those foam pool noodles from last summer...PERFECT!  I cut the ends at an angle then taped it together.  I have a few more noodles in the garage that I think I'll keep using for wreaths they're exactly the right size for our front door.  
Now I needed something to cover this pinky/orangy foam I looked for rope but didn't have any but in my recycle bin I a piece of brown packing paper I ripped that up into strips and wrapped the form, securing it every so often with a bit of hot glue.

Looking into my recycle bin and craft stash I found a bunch of other things to use to decorate the wreath. Yep that's right I made the bow using TIGHTS! I picked up these child glitter striped tights at Target one year during the Halloween clearance sale at 90% off. With tax I figure they cost me 42 cents.  That was my only "new" item used and the rest of the supplies I had on hand.

I filled the tights with a bunch of plastic grocery sacks to give them some shape. I played around with the stuffed legs and the waist portion of the tights to give it the bow look. Tied it to the form with a pipe cleaner and tacked the sides of the bow with a bit of hot glue.
I asked on my Facebook page which you all liked better, and agreed with keeping the mini pumpkins. They add just a little bit of extra interest and say fall to me. The mini pumpkins were super easy to make just pompoms and a crepe paper covered coffee lid with a snippet of felt ric rac for a stem.

Over all I love how My $0.42 Fall Wreath turned out.  I mostly love that it took me less than an hour to complete and it was practically free!

Have you done any fall crafting this season yet?

Princess Pumpkins

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Fall is my favorite time to decorate the house, and my favorite time to be outside.  This year I've been a little behind on my decorating efforts especially on the front porch.  I got out some of my styrofoam pumpkins from the attic and found that some of them have chipping paint.

princess pumpkins

Yeah those are pretty embarrassing.  So I thought about how I could upcycle them and make them presentable again.  The little one I let my 2 year old daughter do and I took on the bigger one.

First things first we sanded all the chipping areas then we primed them with some left over primer I had in the garage.
princess pumpkins

Looking better already.  The tall pumpkin is my son's but his will not be princess and it isn't finished just yet so I'll share that one later. I have a bunch of acrylic paints in our craft stash that I let the kids use to paint their pumpkins however they wanted. My daughter and I went mostly pink!
princess pumpkins
I used a few printer labels I had on hand to make a pattern. I had wanted to spray paint it gold because I love the pink and gold combination, but when examining my spray paint stash in the garage I only had a shiny silver finish available so I went with that.
princess pumpkins
After a quick spray painting I had the fun task of pulling all the stickers off.  While my pumpkin's final coat dried my daughter and I hot glued gems all over her little pumpkin.  In the end we turned out two super cute princess pumkins for our fall decorations.
 Once my son' is done with his I'll spray them all with a clear varish to set everything and hopefully protect it for the next season.  My daughter absolutely loves her jeweled pumpkin!! She wants to carry it around with her all the time.
princess pumpkins

I've still got a few chippy pumpkins to deal with any suggestions on the next transformation???

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