Grandparents Day!

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Grandparents Day Crafts

This year Grandparents Day is September 7th.

In our family grandparents play a HUGE role in our lives.  My kids have the blessing to have both sets of grandparents living close by.  My in-laws live in our home and my parents live 15 minutes down the road. They also have one great grandma living in another state.

I'm so thankful that we get to learn from such amazing people who have great life experiences to share.  Celebrating grandparents is a big deal for us too.  September 7th is grandparents day this year and we've got to get things together to make gifts and treats for our incredible grandparents.

We like to incorporate our grandparents day crafting into our homeschooling day while we discuss our family tree.

Here are some ideas to make and celebrate grandparents:


Will you be crafting for the grandparents in your life?  Do you have grandparents day traditions?

Checkout these Grandparent themed books:

Great Educational Products from Educents

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Howdy all! I'm sharing today again on Educents the daily deal site that I’ve signed up with and have been enjoying saving money on educational books, games, curriculum and more. As a homeschooling mom finding great resources that fit with my kids’ interests and fit our lifestyle is part of the fun. However buying all of that can eat into the budget, so saving money is a big priority.
Educents is a deal site that offers bunches of items with an educational focus for discounted prices. Some of their items are even FREE! There are digital downloads and printables, games, magazine subscriptions, books, curriculum and more. The selection is always changing. Educents isn’t just for homeschooling families they offer many things that appeal to teachers, grandparents, and parents who want to encourage learning all the time.
I especially love that the deals last for more than one day, that helps me and my husband make the best decision on spending money and learn a bit more about the product before we buy.
The best part are the deals here are a few of my favorites right now:
Magic School Bus Science Kits, Math Puzzles & Practice, Reusable Cloth Educational Stickers, don't forget the freebie shape hunt download!!

educents-shapehunt educents-encyclopedia  educents-magicbussubeducents-mathpuzzleseducents-stickers
I just ordered these stickers and they are awesome I'm going to order more soon.

Check out a bunch of awesome giveaways going on right now!
Sign up to receive emails and get $5 free.

I am an Educents affiliate and I do receive commission on sales I generate. All opinions and recommendations are genuine and are 100% mine.


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So our family got an opportunity to try out the new Squish: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse App By Disney so far my kids really like it. For my almost two year old it is her go to app. 

The concept is that the user gets to play with virtual clay add different premade shapes and accessories. There are a few different tools that can be used to manipulate the virtual clay.

Once you fix your clay sculpture just right there are a few different ways to take it apart, melting, twisting, and popping.  My kids go to part of the app is the bubble popping part.  The app puts your clay creation into the middle of a bubble when you pop the bubble it splits into smaller bubbles each with a piece of your clay figure in it. Even virtual bubbles are fun to pop!

The app is available in the iTunes store for .99 right now.

We were provide a free copy of the app, however all opinions are my own.

Oops I did it again!

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A couple years ago we accidentally grew a batch of huge pumpkins on our old burn pile, and this year we're doing it again. 

  • Our method for growing pumpkins goes something like this:
  • In September/October buy a big huge pumpkin at the store or pumpkin patch.
  • Put it on the front porch along with all your fall decor.
  • In November toss it out back on the yard clippings pile.
  • Forget about it.
The next summer notice a couple HUGE leaves growing near where you dumped that old pumpkin and do nothing but watch them grow.

And that brings us to today:


This is our first pumpkin growing at this house and I'm excited to see 9 pumpkins on this plant in our backyard. It would be great to get at least 3 super nice big orange pumpkins (one for each kid) harvested for October.  I'll try and get an update in a few weeks.

We have another plant going on the front of the property that has grown but we've yet to see any pumpkins forming. I'm guessing this might be a different kind of pumpkin as the vines are not growing out as much as staying clustered together?? But, I'm garden-ignorant really so that's just a guess.

I looked up a little bit about growing pumpkins and read that poor draining soil will cause issues which is what we have on the front part of the property.  We cleared up a little bit of the standing water issue around that plant and we'll see if that plant starts producing.

So that's our "garden" right now are you growing anything? Was it accidental or on purpose?

Smart Kids Launchpad

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My soon to be 8 year old is really getting into saving and earning and spending his money.  I want to teach him right and know we will incorporate Financial Peace Junior into our homeschooling.

I just learned about this new website from Dave Ramsey called Smart Kids Launchpad.  It has activities geared towards building those character traits and core values we want our children to have.  For example:

I'm super excited to incorporate the activities from the Smart Kids Launchpad into our homschooling this year. The activities will be fun and educational, and there is a built in rewards system where you earn badges.  My kids love earning rewards.

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