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Posted by Liz McCoy Thursday, November 19, 2015

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Okay I’m a huge fan of shopping Amazon, because of the convenience.  I have the mobile app that makes it dangerously convenient.  I’ve been riding in the car and my hubby said he needed something and I ordered it for him right there on the spot.  Of course it arrived 2 days later. NICE!


As a busy mom who doesn’t like to take 3 kids to the store (especially stores with toy sections) I love being able to get so many things delivered right to my front door.


One of the things that makes shopping amazon so appealing is our prime membership.  Amazon prime gets us free shipping no mater the order amount. We can share it and ship to other addresses and still get free shipping. We can stream video, rent movies, and buy content through amazon’s digital services.  I’m sure there are other amazing benefits of an amazon prime account.  Do you have Amazon prime? What about giving it as a gift to someone this year?


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