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Posted by Liz McCoy Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hey Friends & Family!!!

I'm hosting an online book party and would love it if you would come by and check out some of the great kids books available.  They have books for the babies in your life all the way to the teens.

Here is my friend Candy giving you some GREAT information about the books and showing you a few of the available books:


I've purchased a few of these book in the past and I've also inherited some from my aunts from when their kids were younger.

While I find most of the non fiction books super helpful in our homeschool classroom the books are not limited to homeschooling families.  They are really great resources.

Here are a couple of the and items we have and LOVE:


My 8 year old son loves the The 'Hey Jack!' series, they are perfect for his age as they have a good number of pictures but also they're chapter books.  They're at his level and aren't too complicated but still have great content.  His favorite right now would probably be "The Winning Goal"

This is a deck of large FULL color cards that have great facts. I especially love the quality of the card they are super thick and large enough to handle and easy to read. The COLORS are amazing and really keep his attention.


Both my daughters 2 & 3 enjoy this book.  Now that we’ve almost finished the sticking part we read it each night like a story book.


My family will be going on a road trip soon and I wanted to pick out a few new books for them to have for the trip. Plus I have a baby shower coming up and I think one of the books in the "That's not my..." series might make a great gift.  Oh and this is perfect timing for Holiday shopping, a book or two under the tree will definitely bring excitement in our house.

Here are a couple in my shopping cart right now:

If you're interested in chatting or finding more info we have a facebook event set up

The party will be ending Oct 29th, and you'll want to place your orders by then.

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