CSBP: Tips for Saving $ & Practical Living Part 2

Posted by Liz McCoy Friday, July 18, 2008

We had our second meeting of our Christians Should be Prosperous: Tips for Saving Money and Practical Living yesterday morning at 8:30. Rosemary Lengsas, shared on Groceries and Couponing.

She gave us LOTS of information on how to save money at the grocery store. I enjoyed her sharing because she showed us how we could save money (up to 50%) if we didn’t want to put too much work into it. She also showed us how to save 70-90% on our grocery bills if we just put alittle bit more effort into it.

Here she is sharing at the front of the room (look at all the props and examples she brought):

CSBP Meeting 2 008

And here is a shot of the whole room listening very carefully:

CSBP Meeting 2 006

(That’s me in the front row on the right…yeah i kind of look like a teenage boy YIKES I might need to glamorize a bit more.)

Now I’ve been studying under the Coupon Queen for a few weeks now and I still learned so much. She had ALOT to share and didn’t even get to it all by 10am. We received handy folded booklets that fit in our purses that cover all the bases when headed out to the store. Like which stores take coupons which don’t. Which stores take competitor coupons, which stores double. The lingo and common terminology in the coupon world and online resources for finding more information.


One thing that I put together to make things a bit clearer was these equations:


Manu stands for Manufacturer’s coupon. I like having the visual on how to maximize your savings.

So are you interested to know if I put anything into application yet?? I did I did!!!! On Tuesday I went to publix and bought the Classico Pasta Sauce that was by one get one free (or 50% off) so $2.00 each. I then used a competitor store coupon for $1.00 off one Jar. So for every jar I purchased I used one coupon so it worked out to be $1.00 per jar of Classico Pasta Sauce!!!! But at the very beginning I used a $5 off $35+ purchase which was a store coupon. I bought a bunch of frozen veggies for 50% off but didn’t have any coupons. I did get a raincheck so I’ll look for coupons in the future to help save even more. My total bill was 69.17 (at sale prices, included) and with my coupons alone I saved $13. I’m not going to figure out how much I really saved just due to things being BOGO, let’s just say ALOT MORE!!!

How exciting to see significant savings on groceries with only a little bit of work! Another great point is that when you do coupon you’re purchasing NAME BRAND items. You don’t have to settle for store brand groceries when you shop with coupons. COOL!!!

Well there is a little bit of a review on our 2nd CSBP: Tips for Saving Money & Practical Living meeting.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’d be happy to help answer them or get my sis to answer. Also let me know if you have any coupon victories to share!!!

Bless you!!!

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