5:45 a.m.

Posted by Liz McCoy Friday, July 25, 2008
That is the too early time I had to wake up at this morning :). Had to get showered dressed and get the kiddo ready to goto grandma's house.

I was pretty much all packed last night execpt for contacts and my name tag for the photowalk.

Speaking of my name tag I had to finish it up this morning gluing on 2 things. I can't give too much away or show you a picture yet b/c there is a contest. I sure hope mine is impressive to the judges I put a lot of hard wor into it. I will post a picture after the photowalk.

We're on the way to dh's job where I will catch MARTA to the airport. I will have to get my breakfast at the airport.

Let me tell you alittle about the freakout I had last night. I had my packing list and was checking this off when I saw on the list Laptop & Charger .... WHAT CHARGER...ACK!!! I am using my work laptop and I bring it home every night but I don't really ever need the charger because it charges on the docking station when I go back to work. So there I was at 11 pm thinking I had to go all the way to the office but I did have my key it was given to a co-worker while I'm gone. I called my sister to see if I could try her charger and Praise God it did!!!! That so far has been my only freakout.

Well I'm almost to marta.

Hugs all!!!
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