I did it I switched!!!

Posted by Liz McCoy Thursday, July 3, 2008

I've downloaded and upgraded to FireFox 3 a few days ago. I'm really loving it!!! I have a couple add-ons that aren't compatible with the new version but I'm okay with that the main ones I use work great!!! It was a blog post from the Google Operating System blog that really put me over the edge. I especially was interested in the reduction of memory leaks and

* you can add web applications as handlers for protocols like mailto.
That means you can open all the mail links in Gmail without installing
an extension if you follow these instructions. Hopefully, in the next
version of Firefox you'll be able to also open other kinds of links in
web applications (for example, open PDF files in PDFMeNot). ~ excerpt
from the Google Operating System blog

Of course I haven't set everything up yet but just from the start I'm loving the auto-fill in the address bar!!! That totally rocks!!!

Here is a list of the add-ons I use on most of my computers:
DownThem All
Download Embedded (not working in FF3)
Tmobile Minutes Used (not working in FF3)
Plaxo Search Tool Bar
DSP Store Tool Bar
DSP Site Tool Bar

So have you upgraded to FF3 yet???? What add-ons do you have????

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