We’re Moving!!

Posted by Liz McCoy Sunday, April 11, 2010

After five years at this house we are moving!!  I am super excited. Lately I’ve been getting more and more frustrated with the layout and design of this house. You would think a three bedroom house with a family room an eat in kitchen a formal living room/dining room would be adequate for two adults and one little kiddo.

Well it isn’t! The house we’re in now is a 1970’s split level. Everything is very boxy and has terrible space planning. Which we have lived with for a while but has become to annoying now to put up with.  I can go on and on about how much I don’t like the house, but I’ll spare you the details. 

It has been fun doing some DIY projects at this house that really made the functional parts of the house really great.  Like taking down wallpaper in the kitchen and the bathroom and painting.  Adding laminate wood flooring to the den, and replacing crown molding.

The house we’re moving to is not newer it is actually older but the space plan is SOOO MUCH BETTER! A ranch built in the late 1960’s with 3 bedroom 2 bath (same as before) but the public areas are more open and have a good flow between rooms.  The kitchen is another retro kitchen look at those floors!  The one thing that makes me a bit nervous is having to deal with another vintage oven, remember what happened the last time?  


We have a good bit of painting, cleaning, and other todo’s before we move in so we’re factoring that into the move schedule.

I’m having lots of fun space planning the rooms with our existing furniture but also designing and decorating with new pieces.  I’ve found that my design aesthetic has changed from a traditional style to a more eclectic style of artsy, shabby chic, contemporary and retro all kind of mixed together. Hmm does that make sense???  I’ve found a new love for WHITE!! and I’m excited to incorporate that a bit more, into our home.  I will share more on the designing and planning parts of the move in future posts.

I’m also busily packing up the house.  In the last five years of living here we’ve had a kiddo and accumulated a quite a bit of STUFF.  I’m working hard on decluttering and reducing the amount of STUFF we have, only keeping the practical and the sentimental evaluating what works and does within this new space. This has been a great process so far I’m being really hard on myself the goal is to eliminate 50% of what we own. EEK, I’m working hard to make that happen. We are anticipating having a garage sale before the move sometime and listing stuff on clist too.

One thing that I loved about the house we’re in now is our backyard it is such a great space, it’s private and big and just allowed for the most fun parties.  Even with all ken’s hard work last year planting grass seed it never really took.  One of the criteria I was looking for was another house with a great back yard, and this house has it!! It’s a great flat yard with NO pine trees (dh loves that) and will make great space for the kiddo’s parties!!  The huge back yard is matched by the huge font yard, and this landlord does not mow the lawn so DH is excited to be looking for a riding lawn mower.

Again we’re super excited and blessed how everything has come together and this new house seems like a great fit for our family over the next few years.

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