Posted by Liz McCoy Sunday, July 15, 2007
Not sure if I had shared previously that DH and his boss put in some laminate flooring in the den a while back.  We had pulled up the base boards to install the floor well we decided to replace them with some larger ones and to paint them white.  With replacing them we could get primed boards and not have to prime and paint dark wood.  well if we're changing the base to white we'd have to change the crown...since the previous installation was not so great we decided to replace that too and go around the fire place.

So that brings me to this weekend dh and our friend Jeff worked on the trim work and wow what a difference you can't really tell from these pictures but if you were here and saw it in person you'd love it! So we've got to paint the patio doors and the trim and we'll be all set. Oh yeah and replace the mantle with a white one...or paint this one we'll see which.  Here are the in progress photos.  Of course dh was excited to get to use the nail gun and now wants one.  Of course there really isn't anything to use it on LOL.

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