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Posted by Liz McCoy Monday, July 16, 2007
Well we're getting ready for Jack's party on saturday and boy do i have TOOOOO much to do!!!?!?!?!?!?!?  We're really cramming to get this den finished and put all the furniture back in there.  Then we'll have our garage back and our living room!!  I'd feel alot better as so as we can put everything back then i can breath easy and focus on the decorations and party planning.  We definitely waited to the last minute to do the trim work in the den. But we really needed to wait for the assistance of someone with experience I don't think DH would have been able to finish nearly as quickly. 

DH was able to power wash the front steps, both back patios and the deck yesterday morning while it sprinkled on him.  I'm praying and believing for his health, specifically not to catch a cold.  (He loaded up on vitamin C.) But boy do those babies look great!!!  I taped up the base boards and around the doors.  Then he sprayed the back and front yard with mosquito killer which we really needed to do!!  Last weekend we were eaten alive!  He also hooked up the mosquito catcher/lamp/thingy and ran that so hopefully we'll have a bucket full of dead bugs to empty!

After Jack went to bed and we ate dinner I primed the door surrounds and the patio doors and ken taped off the floor.  We're not worrying about the crown right now b/c that can wait until after the party.  Although I might add the mantle to the list of to-dos bc it looks like crap right now with everything else looking so great.  We'll see...dh might go bonkers on me!

Of course for whatever reason i'm fixated on working in my office and decluttering in there when that has nothing to do with our deadline??? I keep having to focus and work on things that are really pertinent. Tonight we paint the base boards and doors.

Tomorrow on my day off I'm thoroughly cleaning the guest bathroom and kitchen.  (It should last until saturday) I can just touch up on the day of the party.  Dh's mom's birthday is on saturday and I wanted to get her a gift...the same gift i was going to get her for mothers day but never got around to it.  Which involves me getting some pictures printed.

I need to get Jack's cake topper made too Rosie & I are going to do that.  Ack!! TOO MANY THINGS TO DO AND SOOO LITTLE TIME

Well I need to get to work now...catch you later!!

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