Going Going Gone!

Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Going Going Gone!

I am so excited about moving. Since my design style and tastes have changed over the years I'm taking this opportunity to weed out what fits and what doesn't into the new house and the new style.

We are selling LOTS of our stuff! We are definitely not taking it as far as my friend Margie and her family but we're paring down for sure.

It is amazing how easy it starts to get once you just start letting go.  This Saturday we're having our annual garage sale and will be selling the usual stuff, household items, clothes, kitchen ware etc. etc.

In preparation for the yard sale I've been packing and sorting and getting pictures taken of the bigger items to list on craigslist and facebook.

Check out all we have for sale right now. Oh and if you can think of something you've seen in our house that you like let me know it might be for sale!!

Recliner Sofa

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