A Mini Day out with Thomas, Putting up lights, Family photo fun

Posted by Liz McCoy Sunday, December 6, 2009

This was a busy day!

Grandma & Grandpa B bought a really cool holiday inflatable to surprise the kiddo. He was super excited to see Thomas in their front yard. We took some pictures like a mini day out with thomas :)


We took some silly photos of the kiddo wearing all his warm stuff.


Then all of us went down to the dock to put up the lighted tree.


Jack sat on a block and said he didn’t want to talk because he was watching the lake LOL I guess he wanted some time to think LOL.


While the others were putting up the tree the kiddo and I went over in the grass by the lake and took more funny pictures and then he took the camera and started taking his own pictures.  It was cute he’d give us instructions like dad kneel down like this, and smile he was a good little photographer. He actually got one of the best shots of Ken ever!! Too bad I look like a hobo :P but we’ll take it!


Here are my favorite shots:



Then he got to try on his new snow boots grandma got him for our NYC trip. I think he likes them!


After all this we attempted to run over to Bass Pro Shop to see santa. The wait was much to long but we did get to play around a bit with all the fun toys they had to play with.


So that was the end of our busy busy day! Certainly a fun day!

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