Day Out with Thomas!

Posted by Liz McCoy Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday we skipped the normal Halloween festivities and headed nearly four hours away to Cordele, GA to meet THOMAS!!

Our day started off pretty icky heavy rain up here and an accident on the highway not 10 miles from the house. We prayed about it and stayed peaceful got through the traffic and were soon back on our way.  We had to stop in McDonough to pick up some Thomas trains and stuff I had purchased off craigslist. 

Still raining.

Things were still moving slowly. We decided not to eat at the event but to stop at chick-fil-a for lunch instead. We had a good lunch stopped by Walmart to pick up a jacket for Jack. Found a pair of Thomas jammies too for the ride home.

There was certainly an opportunity to be discouraged and concerned that it would rain the whole time. I was convinced we’d have a great time and the weather would be great I prayed about it and gave it to God.

We were still an hour and forty-five minutes away. Finally we got there! YIPPIE!!!! Oh and it wasn’t raining!!!  Looks like it hadn’t rained at all in Cordele!


Well we were in the town but we still had about a ten minute drive to Veterans Memorial Park where Thomas was waiting :D We were all SUPER excited!!! We found a parking spot around 1:45 and hopped on the trolley to ride back to where all the fun was happening.


Mom had looked down the track when we were driving in and saw Thomas so on the trolley we were all waiting to see Jack’s face when he saw Thomas for the first time.

IMG_6354 IMG_6358

WHAT A SMILE! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile soooo big!!!  The whole time we were at disney we NEVER saw a smile like this one! We ALL were BEYOND excited by this point. We KNEW it was going to be a good time.

We picked up our tickets at the will call booth and started to check things out.  We stopped first at the play area where Grandma and Jessie crafted a bag with Thomas stamps and Jack and I played on the play tables they had set up.


There are lots of pictures like this. A half smile and not quite looking at the camera.  There was so much to look at and do that stopping to take a picture was not something he wanted to do.



Kenny and Grandpa B enjoying watching Jack in his element playing on the train tables.



After the train tables we all got tattoos! Jack was proud of his.


We got him to leave the upper level and head down the hill to check out what was going on and see what else was available. Walking down the hill they had banners of different trains. Jack did a great job posing for each one so mommy could take pictures.





First up we got in line to meet Sir Topham Hatt the wait? Nine minutes! Not bad! He is still shy with big headed characters and didn’t want to go up by himself, so I went with him. He warmed up a bit towards the end and put his arm around him.


Next up was the hay bale maze. I loved this thing! Sooo much fun and perfect size for the little ones.  I soo want to figure out something like this for one of his parties. I followed behind him as he made the decisions on which way to go. Smiles all around!



Then Thomas arrived back from his latest trip and we saw him and his express coaches!! SOO EXCITING!


We decided that it was a good time to get in line to see Thomas. Hmm where does the line start? Where is the line? WHAT THERE IS NO LINE WE ARE THE LINE!! YIPPIE!!!


He was happy to see Thomas and he cheesed it up for the camera! YAY! We got some good shots too.10-31

Aunt Jessie got in there too.


We still had time before our 3pm train ride.  We played some putt-putt, daddy helped.


We met a Thomas driver!


Then we moved onto the bubbles.



Okay so I LOVE bubbles they’re so much fun!!


We stopped by the gift shop before our train ride and Jack got blessed with 2 new engines. Rocky and the golden diesel.

Next up our train ride!!!! YAY!! Here is the inside of an express coach.


We sat in the dining car at tables which was great for Jack to play with his new engines.


The train ride lasted 25 minutes at first Thomas pushed us then he pulled us. We traveled over water and saw some pretty scenery out the window. Well us adults did the kiddo focused mostly on the new engines. At this point it was three something and he hadn’t had a nap. The rocking of the train was quite relaxing but didn’t quite put him to sleep.


At the end of the ride Jack and Jessie received their certificates. They were now Jr. Engineers!


After the train ride Grandma, Daddy, Grandpa and Jack went back to see Thomas again to take some more pictures



Jessie and I took one more pass through the gift shop. I found one book I want to get but am believing to find it much cheaper some place else.

After revisiting with Thomas and thanking him for driving us. We could no longer keep Jack from the tent with the TV playing Thomas videos.  Kenny and Jack watched some episodes.  I chatted with some of the event volunteers.  The lady I talked to shared how she has worked this event for the last three years.  I asked if this is a typical turn out. She said normally Saturdays are about 2,000 people.  WoW! I don’t think we had 500 ppl there the whole time we were there.  God certainly blessed us! No wonder we could do so much without waiting in line and we could do things over and over and over!!  YAY!! 

This is how “crowded” it was.


We finally convinced Jack to leave the TV tent to go back up the hill to play with the tables a bit more. I got some shots of him and grandpa.




I crafted a bit with the stamps that was fun! Jack played more on the play tables. And grandma and Jessie got him a balloon sword from the balloon artist. He had a table all to himself.  Yay God thanks for the small crowd it really made for a peaceful fun time.


It was time to go get some supper…this was the hard part. LEAVING! Removing a three year old no nap all day toddler from his personal heaven on earth was tough he cried a bit but calmed down once the trolley got moving.

I cannot say enough about this event. The volunteers/workers were amazing, so friendly and helpful.  The coaches we rode on were air conditioned and comfortable. All the activities that were free with admission really gave something to do while you waited. The lack of crowds and rowdy kids really made for a SPECIAL day. It truly felt like everything was there just for us!

There was a bar & grill at the marina in the Veterans park so we ate there for dinner. It was VERY good food!  We walked around the marina a bit enjoying the cool weather and looked at some of the boats. After almost falling asleep at the dinner table we went outside and Jack got his second wind and danced on the stage and ran around a bunch to get some energy out.


It was finally time to leave Cordele and get back home we had a long drive ahead of us.  On the way home I was so pumped with how wonderful the day had been.  Everything we wanted to do we got to do (and then some) we had a peaceful time and were not rushed or stressed. God blessed us greatly and answered our prayers beyond what we could imagine!

Thanks to my husband for driving us to and from the event. So glad that grandparents and aunt Jessie could come too. We all shared about our favorite part and I think for us adults it was seeing Jack light up and be so excited.  And of course Jack loved all of it!

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