Posted by Liz McCoy Friday, December 4, 2009

Last Saturday mom and I planned a Handmade Holiday Workshop and we invited lots of our friends.  Well it was just us two of my sisters and one of our friends who wanted to make some things for his parents. We were a little disappointed but not really most everyone was out of town for the holiday.  I had a LONG list of craft projects I wanted to work on. I only got two 3 I think (out of 8).
We set out a bunch of craft supplies and projects to share:

And idea books for inspiration:

Mom got a Cricut on Black Friday so we were all excited to use it during our craft-a-thon. 

Rosie is our family expert but we all quickly learned how to use the machine it is super easy.  IMG_6894

After this day I was totally sold on the Cricut I want one soooo bad!!  It’s easy to use and Ken made this card:


Here’s another project completed with the Cricut (the top part). Assembly and composition


This was my all cricut project it’s an ornament for the ornament exchange.


Jessie painted a wooden train to look like Thomas and Jack watched her very closely giving her instructions on what color to paint each part.


Jack painted a box for me:


Even the husband got into things he did this box all by himself.


I also made bath salts for all the ladies at work (and one for myself).


My main project I spent most of the day on was making cargo for Jack’s Thomas trains.  If you’re not familiar with Thomas trains there are cranes and engines with magnetic arms to pick up cargo and move it around.

I took some blocks from the kiddo’s toy room and painted them:


I decided to make some into luggage and others into crates and barrels. For the luggage I googled images of luggage stickers and cut them out and decoupaged them onto the blocks.


I then took wood glue put a dot of glue on top and hammered a thumb tack into the top for the magnet to connect to and pick up the cargo.

I’m really pleased with how they turned out and I sure do hope the kiddo loves them just as much!


So over all a really fun crafting day! Are you doing any crafting this holiday season???

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