Mini Mountain Vacation: Day 1

Posted by Liz McCoy Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday was our first day of our vacation. Ken had the whole day off and it was our goal to leave early around 9am and to take our time heading up to Blue Ridge, GA.  We definitely took our time but we didn't make it out of town until mid day.
Our travel up to Blue Ridge was not bad at all only a couple hours away from home. I couldn't believe how many garage sales there were the whole way. GEEZ that was hard to drive by with out stopping.  Although I did convince Ken to let me stop at one. (no Thomas Trains)
We made it up to Blue Ridge by 4pm and to the cabin rental office to get the keys and the directions to our cabin. We were given 2 sets of directions one was the scenic route and one took the faster highway. We had time so we took the scenic route it was WINDING and CURVY but definitely scenic. Here are some pictures I took along the scenic route.

We turned a bend and were greeted by a horse right at the side of the road his head stick out over the fence saying welcome McCoys!

We saw some cows grazing:


the road was sooooo curvy, we recommended the other travelers take the highway route.  With papaw’s driving and poor Cooper’s car sickness it definitely would be a stomach turner for the other cars. Seriously though, why is there a curve in this part of the road??? LOL that’s how it was the whole time winding and curvy curvy curvy.


You’ve got to love driving down the road and finding a sign like this, we didn’t see any horses crossing the road but we did see some under shade and drinking water from a creek.

IMG_5464  IMG_5468

The cabin was middle way up a mountain, and boy oh boy I was not prepared for how steep the gravel road was to get up there.  Little did I know the roads that led to our cabin were easy compared to the other roads going up the mountain. You just can’t see how steep it is from this picture just believe me.


We made it!!!  The cabin was sooo pretty to drive up to, we were the first ones there so we got out and explored a bit.


We were excited to be away from the everyday and to enjoy ourselves.


We took some pictures and were going to go exploring the cabin. Here is the view from the back deck:


We had 8 adults and 4 kids coming on this trip so we need a cabin that would accommodate a large group with space for kids to play and for the rest of us not to feel like we were sitting on top of each other.  The Azure Ridge Cabin was PERFECT! Each family had their own room with a king size bed and both single ladies had their own room too!  The cabin was beautifully decorated!


The only downside was the lack of yard. From the photos online it seemed to have a bigger back yard and not so much of a hill. But it certainly wasn’t a deal breaker it did rain a lot while we were there so we definitely wouldn’t have used it.  The kids did play a little bit in the front drive.

Here is a shot of the back of the cabin our room was the top deck we got out there once and I held Jack on the swing while he woke up from his nap. That was a sweet moment.


At this point we were still waiting for Papaw, Grandmacoy, Mamaw, & Tracy to show up so we decided to get things together for a photo walk as a family. I took a shot of my boys on the front porch swing. This was the only spot that Ken had cell phone reception. Of course my cell phone stopped working somewhere along the way to blue ridge.  Which I was okay with it was nice not to be tethered to my phone the whole weekend.


Here are my boys taking some pictures:


And we managed to get a family shot with our p&s on one of those flexy tripods bent onto the stroller handle:


We were on our way to walk up the mountain when Papaw’s truck came driving up the road.


So we ended our photowalk and showed everyone around the house and they picked out their rooms.


This was a busy weekend there is lots to share so this will be continued in the next post.

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