Mini Mountain Vacation: Day 1 (part 2)

Posted by Liz McCoy Friday, October 9, 2009

So we left off and Papaw, Grandmacoy, Mamaw and Tracy had just arrived at the cabin. This is the second time that Jack has met Mamaw, Ken’s paternal grandmother. So it was great to see him so friendly and warm to her right off the bat. I was able to snap this shot which I plan to frame for Mamaw. Bonus that they kind of were color coordinated too!


Another shot of the view off the deck, sun was setting more here and the colors are prettier at this angle too.


We explored and unpacked and were excited to be there together. We were still waiting on Ken’s brother’s family to arrive.  We were super excited they were able to make it Friday because our sister-in-law Lisa had not been feeling well at all. Later in the day we found out she was feeling good enough to make it that night. YIPPIE!


I had brought a gift for all the family and left them in their rooms. Pictures of Papaw and Grandmacoy and a family shot we took at Jack’s birthday party. They were framed and placed in each room. Grandmacoy got bigger pictures from our beach photo shoot framed for her birthday. I never shipped them so I brought them to the cabin.  I’m glad I brought the pictures along I think it added something personal to the rooms and the cabin. I’m thinking this will be something I do for many of our vacations.



Yeah we’re all here!!! Look at all the smiles! (sorry for the blurry pict p&s)


Lisa & Tim had brought all the groceries and goodies so we helped them unpack and get the food put away. We had spaghetti for dinner and ate together and then Mamaw got all the kiddos little goodies and they were excited and blessed with the presents.  After dinner the kids played with the trains and the Grandparents and the Great Grandma all enjoyed being with the kiddos and helping them play. I just love this picture of Mamaw and all the grands so precious definitely a picture to treasure.


Watching of the children happened for a while. Jack enjoyed getting to play with his cousins. Ages are from 4-2.


There were some goofy faces…


And a bit of wrestling…

IMG_5588 IMG_5589

okay maybe not wrestling it was more like Jack trying to help Cooper up but he really didn’t need help.

Thomas videos played nearly non stop all weekend.


Grandmacoy and Papaw took the kids downstairs to explore and check out the pool table. We all ended up down there watching the kiddos have fun rolling the balls across the table and into the pockets.


The night concluded (atleast with my picture taking) outside with papaw on the swing with all the grandkids having a great time :D.


Well almost ended…the last shot of the night was this goofball:


Day 2 coming up next!

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