Mini Mountain Vacation: Day 2

Posted by Liz McCoy Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our first morning in the cabin we woke up early. Ken's brother, Lisa, and the kids were already up. I got my coffee started and not more than a few minutes Jack was up and ready to go. The big kids and I decided that the loft area was going to be our clubhouse.

We decide to eat our eggs and biscuits in our club house too.


The TV turned onto FitTV so the kids had fun exercising to a hip hop aerobics routine. 


The younger boys stayed down stairs and played trains here is one of the many configurations of the day:


I forgot to mention that last night Grandmacoy fell on the toys and hurt her wrist. After icing it last night her wrist look pretty bad this morning so Papaw and Tracy took her to a local emergency room to have it looked at.

After breakfast was all cleaned up we just hung out for a while. I saw Mamaw and P-man out on the deck and P-man had a huge smile on his face but as soon as I put up the camera the smile went away. He’s a toughie to capture but I still think this picture was really sweet.


Then Mamaw tried to help me get a smile…hehehe thanks Mamaw


The kids were getting restless so Tim, Lisa, & Mamaw took the kids into town. This is where a backyard probably would have come in handy.


We wanted to spend time with the extended family but we opted to stay at the cabin and take advantage of enjoy being together as a family.

Jack was already tired we had stayed up late catching up with everyone.  After we got dressed we just chilled out for a while watching Thomas and Ken took a nap and I used the computer for a bit.  Jack just was not his normal self. We both were a bit concerned so we just let everyone chill and relax. After a while of relaxing we wanted to get moving and decided to take that photowalk/hike up to the top of the mountain. 


The cabin had some gorgeous flowers the roses were just soo pretty!


Another shot down the mountain road headed to our cabin.


Ken pushing the stroller up the mountain.


Resting for a moment. Look at the angle he’s standing -


A view of back down the road to our cabin.



Here comes the fun part-yikes! Look how steep!


Even I got in on the stroller pushing action. Thanks for this picture!


WHAT A CLIMB!!  WAY TO GO HONEY!! Sure am glad Ken was there to really push that stroller up the hill…err MOUNTAIN! I think you can see how steep the driveway was from this shot of Ken pushing the stroller. Once we got up to the top we took another family photo with the timer and the tripod wrapped around a stake in the ground.


My boys!


YAY!! I sure love my family!

There were some gorgeous views. At the top of the mountain was someone else's cabin. Just imagine what it would be like to be up so high with these amazing views. Even with the overcast skies and low clouds we still felt like the views were a wonderful reward to the hike.




Jack fell asleep on the way back down the mountain. Oh my word I think it was more of a workout going down the mountain. Ken had to hold the hand brake on the jogging stroller to maintain control.

IMG_5684 IMG_5686

I found a little bit of nature on the road


It was a great hike though and a great time as a family and a great time for Ken and I to talk and enjoy our time away from the everyday. Once back at the cabin Jack was still sleeping and everyone else still in town we decided to take advantage of the hot tub and we got to fellowship more and talk about things that are going on and our goals for the next few months. It was a blessing to get to have that time together. After the hot tub Jack was still asleep in the stroller on the porch, we played a game of uninterrupted pool and then some wii! That was fun. 

We learned during this time that Ken's mom was going to be fine and that her wrist was badly sprained but not broken. Both groups had meet up in town and were coming back to the cabin soon.

Jack woke up a little bit before everyone got home but as usual with an afternoon nap it takes more patience and cuddling time for him to get back to a happy boy.  So I rockered him and sang to him on the porch rocker all wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket. Everyone got home but he still wasn’t ready to play so I took him up to our porch swing and swung a bit. 

Turns out we had made a good decision not going into town with everyone as their dining experience was really a horrible one. Everyone was back at the cabin and dinner was soon made, hamburgers & hot dogs made on the grill. I rested before dinner with a terrible headache, also why there aren’t any pictures I just didn’t feel like taking any.

After I ate I felt much better, and it was time to play Phase 10 with Mamaw.


Let me share a little side story with you.

When Ken and I were dating/engaged over 6yrs ago we went down to West Palm Beach to vacation and stayed with Mamaw. She has a great community of friends her age and weekly they play Phase 10 for money. Well we got in on the game while we were there and Kenny won all the little old ladies’ money!!  (It’s a nickel a round and a $1 for each player in the pot) And he took it!!! I always joke with him about this and found it funny.

We hadn’t had a chance to really play Phase 10 with Mamaw since then, but we knew this trip would be a perfect opportunity. Mamaw even brought a brand new game to play with. She wanted a rematch. 

We didn’t have nickels for the round so each of us put a $1 in the pot.


We played for a while, phase 10 is not a quick game. It was late by the time we finished but guess who won??

ME!!!!! It was a good game lots of ups and downs and good competition all the way to the end. I was excited for the $4 I won I figured I could hit Starbucks on the way home :D

Well that’s the end of Day 2 of our mini mountain vacation.


Lastly I’d like to share with you the kind of tripod we used for our p&s I highly recommend it. I tried using it with my dslr but my camera was just too heavy. I think they do make ones that accommodate larger cameras. Mine is pink :D and I picked it up on clearance at Target the week before we left for like $5. It’s a Targus Digital Grypton Tripod. I’m not brand specific you can get many of these style of tripods at many stores. If you’re using a p&s get yourself one you’ll appreciate being able to steady your camera for those important shots and you’ll be able to bend those legs around almost anything!

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