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Posted by Liz McCoy Thursday, October 8, 2009
I absolutely LOVE getting an email from Barnes & Nobles with this inside!!

Why?? Because it means I get 25% off (15% with coupon + my 10% member discount!!) the only thing I buy at B&N and that's Thomas Trains.  Have I mentioned that the kiddo is completely obsessed with Thomas & Friends?? To try and calm down his need for a new train every day we instituted Train Tuesdays in our house.  So each Tuesday he gets a new Thomas & Friends Engine.  I've become an expert on where the cheapest places is to buy them. He knows every trains name and which ones he has and doesn't have. Any gift or goodie he gets that not a train engine he could care less.  The kid is in LOVE with Thomas Trains.

You also may or may not know that Thomas trains are EXPENSIVE!!!  He collects the wooden railway series and they are some of the most expensive trains on the market. So when I can get a good deal on them I'm all over it.  I became a member of B&N just for the discount on the trains LOL. Which by the way it has been totally worth it! HOwever we almost have every train that B&N sells right now so we haven't been going as much there.  We know of 2 local train stores that we frequent, we also shop Target and ebay.  (Used trains on ebay are EXPENSIVE TOO!!)

LOL isn't it sad what I get excited over? When I got the email this morning I totally had to share with my husband. Yes very sad what I get excited over these days.

Anywhoo....if you happen to see some Thomas Trains at a yard sale or thrift store let us know!!!

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