Oh so that's how it feels...

Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, September 26, 2007
it feels GREAT to be so productive in one day!!!  I didn't get tooo much done but what I did get done made a big difference.  We had a busy day yesterday but it was great to just get something done and not feel pressured.  I even rewarded myself with some guilt free vegging on the couch last night!!!

I got this funny book of sticky notes from the drug store today each one has a funny little saying on it.  They're designed to just kind of post around to give people a chuckle.  The second one says Success is just getting the wash into the dryer before mildew sets in.  ANd you know what...that was kind of my day yesterday...I actually got laundry MOVING and going and kept up with it.  I wash, dry and fold DH puts away.  Now it's on him LOL.


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