I did it!

Posted by Liz McCoy Monday, September 24, 2007
Well I finally did it. I called a professional organizer, 2 actually.  I've set up an appointment for a professional organizer to come to my house this saturday to give me an assessment on our office.

I'm really hoping we'll like each other and get along well and move onto the office and really get that room completed and organized.  I'm nervous b/c it definitely is an investment to hire a professional...but I honestly feel that will help point me in the right direction and get a real handle on things.

The first woman I spoke to was nice and that is who will be coming this Saturday.  I don't think we hit it off too well on the phone but her assessment visit is free so I want to give that shot.  She works by the project so after the assessment she'll work out what she thinks it will take and how much $$.

The second woman I spoke to seemed really nice and easy to talk to and not judgmental at all.  Which immediately put me at ease.  She definitely seemed like a professional.  Of course her fees are hourly and charges for her time to visit and assess the job.

So I have to get back to the second lady next Monday to let her know when she can come out or whether or not she can.  So believingly the first lady will have a figure for me and I can kind of gauge how many hours of the second lady I can get for that same cost so I can compare the cost of the 2 ladies.  But we'll see how things go.  I'm just excited to get the ball moving and see a completion date close.

Who knows if this goes well maybe we'll move onto other areas of the house.  I just feel like if I can get this office in some kind of working order then other areas in the house will kind of start working out.  Right now we're dealing with an overflow of paper work all over the house b/c of our lack of process and procedure for it.

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