Princess Pumpkins

Posted by Liz McCoy Sunday, October 6, 2013
Fall is my favorite time to decorate the house, and my favorite time to be outside.  This year I've been a little behind on my decorating efforts especially on the front porch.  I got out some of my styrofoam pumpkins from the attic and found that some of them have chipping paint.

princess pumpkins

Yeah those are pretty embarrassing.  So I thought about how I could upcycle them and make them presentable again.  The little one I let my 2 year old daughter do and I took on the bigger one.

First things first we sanded all the chipping areas then we primed them with some left over primer I had in the garage.
princess pumpkins

Looking better already.  The tall pumpkin is my son's but his will not be princess and it isn't finished just yet so I'll share that one later. I have a bunch of acrylic paints in our craft stash that I let the kids use to paint their pumpkins however they wanted. My daughter and I went mostly pink!
princess pumpkins
I used a few printer labels I had on hand to make a pattern. I had wanted to spray paint it gold because I love the pink and gold combination, but when examining my spray paint stash in the garage I only had a shiny silver finish available so I went with that.
princess pumpkins
After a quick spray painting I had the fun task of pulling all the stickers off.  While my pumpkin's final coat dried my daughter and I hot glued gems all over her little pumpkin.  In the end we turned out two super cute princess pumkins for our fall decorations.
 Once my son' is done with his I'll spray them all with a clear varish to set everything and hopefully protect it for the next season.  My daughter absolutely loves her jeweled pumpkin!! She wants to carry it around with her all the time.
princess pumpkins

I've still got a few chippy pumpkins to deal with any suggestions on the next transformation???

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