My $.42 Fall Wreath

Posted by Liz McCoy Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Well lookie here two crafty posts in one week!  I've still not finished dressing up my front porch but I did want to get a wreath up rather quickly. I also didn't want to spend any money. This wreath accomplished both those goals.

Fall Wreath
I went to the garage to find stuff to make this wreath.  I needed a form of some sort and found one of those foam pool noodles from last summer...PERFECT!  I cut the ends at an angle then taped it together.  I have a few more noodles in the garage that I think I'll keep using for wreaths they're exactly the right size for our front door.  
Now I needed something to cover this pinky/orangy foam I looked for rope but didn't have any but in my recycle bin I a piece of brown packing paper I ripped that up into strips and wrapped the form, securing it every so often with a bit of hot glue.

Looking into my recycle bin and craft stash I found a bunch of other things to use to decorate the wreath. Yep that's right I made the bow using TIGHTS! I picked up these child glitter striped tights at Target one year during the Halloween clearance sale at 90% off. With tax I figure they cost me 42 cents.  That was my only "new" item used and the rest of the supplies I had on hand.

I filled the tights with a bunch of plastic grocery sacks to give them some shape. I played around with the stuffed legs and the waist portion of the tights to give it the bow look. Tied it to the form with a pipe cleaner and tacked the sides of the bow with a bit of hot glue.
I asked on my Facebook page which you all liked better, and agreed with keeping the mini pumpkins. They add just a little bit of extra interest and say fall to me. The mini pumpkins were super easy to make just pompoms and a crepe paper covered coffee lid with a snippet of felt ric rac for a stem.

Over all I love how My $0.42 Fall Wreath turned out.  I mostly love that it took me less than an hour to complete and it was practically free!

Have you done any fall crafting this season yet?

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