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Posted by Liz McCoy Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This is my first attempt at an eclectic gallery wall. I’ve done a few before but all the frames matched and it was very linear and symmetrical.  I had fun planning out the wall and playing around with all the different frames and prints I have accumulated. I purposefully did not include any family photos in this arrangement. Most of the images are of birds or nature, other frames are filled with scripture.

gallery wall


We bought this house and it was a foreclosure and the bank had installed all new carpet and freshly painted all the walls with a neutral tan color so we have no plans at this point to spend the money on walls and flooring.

Having just moved in not to long ago and being 37 weeks pregnant I’m just now getting around to hanging things on the wall.  I wanted to start in the entry way to make things a bit more welcoming. Here is what things looked like before, far from welcoming that’s for sure! I still have to style and work on that bookcase but that’s for another day.



I worked through a few different layouts with the frames that I had on hand.  I’m currently staging all my décor items in my dining room so I can “shop” from that room for all the other rooms.




I rolled out some cheap wrapping paper to the size I was looking for and arranged all the pieces onto the paper.  Once I settled on a layout I liked I traced around each frame.  Then I measured where the picture hanging hardware was on each frame and marked where I wanted my nail to go.



I then hung up the wrapping paper and put my nails in. 




Once all the nails were in I ripped the paper down and hung the frames up.




The last thing to do was to paint or stain the wooden letter M and as you see from the first picture I opted to spray paint it with a color I had on hand.  We’ll see if it stays that color.  Over all I’m super pleased with how my first attempt at a non symmetrical gallery wall turned out.  It is fun to sit in the living room and see things up on the wall. It feels more and more like our home!


gallery wall 002



As you can see there is still much to be done in that space. I can’t wait to one day replace the dated brass light fixture with a great pendant light.


If you’re looking for some more gallery wall inspiration check out my Gallery Wall Pinterest Board.


Have you completed a gallery wall recently?  How was your process? Did you find it easy or challenging?

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