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Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It has only been a few weeks since we moved into this house and many pieces still either need homes or need to be sold donated etc. I’m slowly deciding what works and what doesn’t as well as what new items we need to acquire to finish off spaces.


We were gifted a used recliner from my parents which my husband LOVES, and it sits next to the fire place. One of the things I didn’t have but just put on my “to find” list was a small side table to fit next to the recliner so he could put his drinks, snacks or laptop down while he chills out after work.


So we just got back from a quick trip up to Ohio to see my sister off to school (she starts in-residence training to become a minister). She and a friend pretty much sold everything they had in their apartment that they absolutely didn’t need or couldn’t take with them in their study program. Mom, myself and my kids all made a quick trip up there to help her with the sale and to support her and her friend.  They had tons of great goodies I wanted to stick in the car but not much would fit with kids and luggage.


However we were able to fit a couple pieces in into our car and bring them back home.  Thankfully in exchange for our help we received the items for free so the price was spot on! This solid wood side table didn’t sell (they were only asking $5???) and it wasn’t until a hour before we closed up shop I realized it was just the right size for next to hubby’s recliner.  Mom and I agreed we could fit it into the car.  It is sitting next to the chair now and it just right!! Obviously the finish is a bit messed up and it is now on my DIY project list, not sure what I will be doing to it but it does need some fixing up. I could refinish it, just paint the top only or paint the whole thing. I’d love to hear what direction you’d love to see this piece go.




I was also able to stick these two 23.5” x 35.5” stretched canvas art into the car.  Again no interest at $5 a canvas and since they fit into the car I took them. I figured I couldn’t buy canvases that size at the art store and for FREE they’d be great to play around with.  We have really high ceilings in this house so I have lots of wall space to fill and the size of these canvases will certainly fill space on our bare walls.

I haven’t decided where they’re going yet or what treatment they’ll get but they’re on the DIY project list too. I’m planning on priming a few pieces of furniture this weekend and am thinking I might just prime these too and they’ll be ready for a future project.  Have you seen any neat repurpose projects with used canvases??  Please share!!




Have you gone #thrifting lately?  Anything on your “to find” list?  How about your project list?  I’d love to hear what you’re working on!

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