Ahoy Matey!! Planning a 5th Birthday Party

Posted by Liz McCoy Friday, July 15, 2011
The kiddo is turning 5 in a few days and we’re having a pirate party.  We go BIG for the odd number birthdays (his 3rd birthday we had a huge carnival). I knew I wanted to build a pirate ship…ahem well I guess I knew I wanted my husband and dad to build a pirate ship. Planning starts early with these projects as it takes awhile to convince them to come along for the ride LOL!

I found this image of a pirate ship in a vintage children’s play structure book…and this is the inspiration for the whole project:

Sadly the book just showed this with no plans or instructions. I started researching the internet, and only finding a few options. A couple weeks ago I finally settled on a simplified idea. A friend of ours did up a drawing for me of what I explained to him I was trying to do.


So we’ve been busy designing, shopping, cutting, thinking, painting, and constructing. Basically all our free time has been thinking about this party and planning.

I did a mock up with index cards to get a feel for what we were looking to accomplish.

I did the drawing and my husband and dad did the cutting.

I did the supervising and the revising LOL:

I also primed all the pieces, and the kiddo helped too:
The kiddo helping with the painting.

One of my favorite parts is the seahorse, the hubs cut this out using a jig saw it notches into the front panel:
I drew the seahorse and ken cut it out with a jig saw. this is it "plugged" into the bough of the ship. Things are coming together.

That’s where we’re at right now. I’ve cut the steering wheel and anchor out of plywood using my rotozip (see mom I finally used that birthday present from 12 years ago LOL!) I’ve got a few more things to prime and the painting is almost done!  We’re looking to get it installed early next week. I’ll post more pictures soon.

So I promise to post more about this pirate party as it unfolds. Catch you later!
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