Tick Tock…Time is Running Out

Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So I thought when I got to stay home this year with the kids I wouldn’t have to worry about tax deadlines. Well I don’t have to worry about them every day like before but there is that one time of year…Yep time to file state and federal taxes!


Is it me or does April 15 come earlier and earlier each year? Thankfully in my house it isn’t my responsibility to prepare the tax returns, if it was I would probably be Filing for a Tax Extension, I can be such a procrastinator when it comes to daunting tasks like that. The hubby is the main tax preparer in this house and he does such a great job.


This year being at home I’m wanting to do more in helping my husband in the financial areas, as you know one area I’m focusing on is keeping the grocery bill down by couponing.  I’m also wanting to help keep good records and keep things organized so that when it comes to preparing our returns we have at hand the documentation and records we need.


So have you done your taxes yet?  Other than being organized what kind of tax tips do you have to share?


If you’re wondering about filing an extension here is the tax extension form.

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