Dolphin Tales!

Posted by Liz McCoy Monday, April 4, 2011

Last Friday I had the opportunity to bring my son and mom to the Georgia Aquarium to preview the new AT&T Dolphin Tales Show.




The previous dolphin shows I’d seen I learned about the different training techniques, like hand signals and the tools they use to indicate different behaviors.  Honestly how many times can you learn basically the same thing. This show is completely different it is a real SHOW! The three of us were completely captivated the whole 30 minutes.

CANNOT USE UNTIL 4.2.11 Dolphin Tales Finale

Photo Credit: The Georgia Aquarium


The trainers and staff sing and perform a complete musical show. The dolphins are part of the show and come in and out to perform and have roles and parts in the production. Very cool I hadn’t expected that at all.


CANNIT USE UNTIL 4.2.11 StarSpinner animal trainer and dolphin slideout

Photo Credit: The Georgia Aquarium


The kiddo was a little apprehensive at first because he didn’t know what to expect. After the show started he really got into things. There were opportunities for audience participation and he was completely into it and took his part very seriously.

One of the highlights of the show for us was when one of the performers surfed on the dolphin it was very cool. There was a part towards the end where one trainer skied on two dolphins!

CANNOT USE UNTIL 4.2.11 Animal trainer roman ride

Photo Credit: The Georgia Aquarium

I definitely will want to take friends and family to see the show it really was like nothing else I’ve seen before and would definitely want to see again.


After the show we got to check out the Aquarium a bit more.  There is a gallery where you can view the dolphins without purchasing tickets to see the show.  It’s a nice big viewing window of the dolphins, I especially liked this because in other areas I’ve found it difficult for the kiddo to see into the windows because there are usually too many people and only one window.


Two curious dolphins
Photo Credit: The Georgia Aquarium




I told the kiddo all about the moving side walk in the aquarium and that’s what he wanted to do the most. We did it twice. I was able to snap a few pictures.



We had an opportunity to meet with a representative from AT&T and he shared how they’re developing and implementing barcode scanning throughout the aquarium. You download the barcode scanner and throughout the whole aquarium in each exhibit you can scan the barcode and it will pull up different websites and information facts. I thought was really cool! There are lots of plans to make the exhibits even more interactive.


We made it to a couple other areas but the kiddo was getting tired and it was a Friday in Atlanta which meant lots of traffic so we headed home.


Over all a really great time at the Georgia Aquarium.  Let me know if you go see the dolphin show!!

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