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Posted by Liz McCoy Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I’m continuing on the 30 day blog challenge and today’s prompt is:

Day 4-Your parents


I’m finding these topics quite challenging just having to put into words things I feel and know in my heart but not necessarily something I express.


What can I say about my parents, well first is that I LOVE THEM!!! Now that I’m a parent I have a new perspective on things and like most mature kids we realize how much our parents know and how much we want to learn from them.  They celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this year, now there’s an example.

Wedding Pic 15


They’ve raised five girls in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and have seen them grow into wonderful believing women. I’ve definitely learned a lot from their example of being parents I often reference my childhood memories when working with my son. I especially remember the fun things my mom would do with us girls, like making homemade donuts. She’d often handmade our bless ‘n treat costumes. She’d pick me up at school and we’d take my baby sister in the stroller and we’d walk a few blocks to McDonald’s and get kiddie cones!  I remember my dad taking us girls to the town donut shop and treating us to which ever donut we wanted.


Bianchi Family Pictures 045


Well these two people are some of the most incredible people I know! They’re service to God’s people is another area I see their tremendous example. I love how they serve each day. I try hard to live like that.


12-25-08 Bianchi Family Photos 026-1


I’m grateful that we live so close to them (ahem…in the same neighborhood) I get to see them daily as my mother watches my son while I work. I’m even more blessed that my son (and eventually my daughter) have such a close relationship with them. 



I definitely am thankful to have such great parents!


Are you playing along? Share your blog link with me I’d love to see your 30 Day Blog Challenge posts. 

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