Photo Walk: Lake Erie

Posted by Liz McCoy Tuesday, August 25, 2009

While in Ohio at the family reunion my brother-in-law told us he’d never seen Lake Erie so we decided to wake up early that Sunday before the reunion picnic to head over to Huron to check it out.  We walked the pier all the way out to the lighthouse. The path started out as cement pier then switched over to a dirt path then big rocks with sometimes big gaps between them. I didn’t really wear the right shoes for hiking but I managed to take pictures and walk at the same time.  And lookie I get to add another page to my photo walk album!


Here are all the shots. The mid morning wasn’t exactly the best time to take pictures, I was mostly shooting into the sun and I’m not quite experienced enough to know how to best take pictures in those conditions. I think I managed to get a couple good shots.






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