The Family Reunion

Posted by Liz McCoy Saturday, August 29, 2009

A couple weekends ago my mom decided to go up to Ohio for her family reunion. My sister, my brother-in-law (not married to each other) and my mom and my self all traveled up to Ohio for the weekend. It was a quick trip. We left early Saturday morning and got back late Monday afternoon.

The travel up wasn’t too bad we made pretty good timing and didn’t stop too much. The way home we were much slower though.

Anywho it was exciting to get to go to the reunion this year even though most of our family couldn’t make it. All the brothers and sisters (15 of them) were there so it made the day extra special. A professional photographer was there so please excuse my not so professional pictures :)  I also snagged some from my cousin tina’s blog.


Lots of grand kids and great grand kids were in attendance too:

Photo Credit: Cousin Tina’s Camera

The reunion was held at my Uncle Al’s house a wonderful place for such a large group. The pool and playground really are perfect for the little kids (and some big kids) to run around and play.

I played a game of hill billy horse shoes and cards:

Photo Credit: Cousin Tina’s Camera

Most everyone played corn hole, my cousin ryan made most of the corn hole games in the picture:




Last year i was upset because I didn’t feel like I had eaten enough food so this year I fasted and only had toast for breakfast. I wanted to make sure I had plenty of room for lunch and DESSERT! It worked I stuffed myself full! My sister told me that it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to know that you’re full and to communicate it to you to stop eating so I tried to pace myself to achieve maximum food consumption in minimal time. YUMMM


Oh and see that corn up there? It was sooooo yummy! My uncle Dan shared a cooking technique for fresh corn in the husks stick it in the microwave for 3 minutes use a pot holder to pull it out you may want to let it rest a minute b/c it will be HOT. Clean off the husks and butter (although this corn was so tasty u don’t need butter) and you’re ready to go. How easy is that!

Truly lots of fun I think everyone had a good time. There was good conversation too. A political conversation struck up but you’d be proud of me I stayed out of it LOL. In the car on the way up we had some good political discussion and we all agreed that we wouldn’t talk politics at the reunion and we all did a great job!

I took a bunch of pictures but discovered I hardly took enough :( I tend to do that these days.  Thankfully like I said a pro was there for the family photo and lots of other family members got pictures too!  Hopefully we’ll get to share those with each other.

Yesterday on my day off I completed this layout using photos I took and cousin tina took. This does not begin to cover all the people who were there but I do love how it turned out. I think I might have to add one more page with a bunch of photos on it to really cover the event properly in our family album.

Click here to see the layout larger and to see the scrapbook supply credits.



A family reunion truly is a treasured event. I’m so thankful to have gone again this year and get to see relatives and their kids and their kids kids it’s nuts and amazing to have such a large family. Even though we all do our own thing and have our own lives it shows how close we really are when we can get together like this. Looking at the photo of all the brothers and sisters and their kids and their grandkids it just reinforces to me why I want a big family.  I don’t know if my grandma and grandpa had vision like this when they had all 15 of their kids to see the generations upon generations that come from 2 people love. Wow they raised 15 kids without a reality show! Before it was the “cool” thing to do. LOL. Amazing!!!

Do you have family reunions??? Do you have a large family??? 

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