Vacation Day 2: Magic Kingdom

Posted by Liz McCoy Thursday, May 28, 2009

Well we’re onto day 2 of our Disney Vacation. Today our destination is Magic Kingdom!  Grandma is staying at home and it is just Aunt Jessie, Me, Ken and Jack. We stayed about 1 hour & 3 dollars away from the park. We got off to a later start than anticipated but that didn’t stop the excitement.

disney 006

Excited to be finally here after talking about it for so many weeks (oh and I’m also taking a picture of where we parked).

disney 007

We rode the ferry over to the park, it was BUSY and HOT already.


We headed over to Tomorrow Land our first stop was the Buzz Lightyear ride. But first we took a picture at a kodak picture spot:

disney 014


TIP: Be sure to get your Photo Pass right away.  I had no idea they were free until our 3rd park???  The Disney Photographers are all around the park many with the characters too. They will take your picture and scan your card and all your pictures will be in one place you have access to them for 30 days.  OH and don’t forget to have the Disney photo use your camera to take pictures too!  That way you’ll have your free images as well as their images.


The Buzz Lightyear ride was fun.  Jack enjoyed it he was a bit small so the second time we went on it he sat on my lap. For his first ride type thing I thought he did great! He didn’t freak out at all.

disney 017

Right after we got off that ride we found our first character tucked behind in the corner it was STITCH! In my opinion this is one of the SCARIEST characters out there and for Stitch to be Jack’s first interaction I was definitely curious to see how all this would go down.  He definitely was shy he didn’t want to touch him or get too close but he did turn and smile for the picture.  Of course he held onto me TIGHT!


Then as we were finishing up with Stitch who walks out? BUZZ! We hurried over to get in line to get our picture with Buzz and to have him sign our autograph book. Again we had some apprehension but we managed to get a picture. Buzz sure is a big character. We tried to get Jack to push his buttons but he was just a bit to big…maybe it was the eyebrows?



TIP: Buy the official autograph book (the cheapest one) and buy a pen. If you go to Downtown Disney before you hit the parks you can buy them there. Have the characters sign EVERY OTHER PAGE that way you can put the picture next to the signature.  We did this when we went to disney 8 years ago and I still love that mini scrapbook.  OH and be sure to take your picture in LANDSCAPE portrait pictures are nice but sure don’t work well in the autograph books.


Next up was Tomorrowland Speedway. We told Jack that at Disney World he could drive his own race car just like Junior (Dale Earnhardt Jr.) so this was high on our list to do today.

disney 044

He let go of mommy for a while and drove daddy around the track.  While Aunt Jessie drove me (it was scary even though we were on a rail) I tried to capture it on video but kind of messed up so i don’t have a good flip video but Dad managed to get a good ones. He absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I don’t think the smile ever left his face. He was soo serious too! It was adorable.



He didn’t get understand that he had to get off the ride.  He wanted to go again and again.  We would have this issue on every ride. As soon as he’d get into it the ride would be over.  Next stop was the Tea Cups! I think this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE PICTURE EVER! I love how real his smile is in this shot. He LOVED the teacups!


Here is Jessie with her character from the play she was in at the end of school. Every time we’d try and get in line to meet the rabbit he was leaving for break so we just snapped this shot from a distance.

disney 118

Next up was Meeting Tigger & Pooh! He was still a bit shy but was excited the whole time we waited in line. Boy was it hot at this point. H-O-T!!

disney 057

Aunt Jessie and Jack tried to pull the sword out of the stone but weren’t successful.

disney 061

Since it was so hot we decided to use our fast passes to go see Mickey’s PhilharMagic which was great b/c it was indoors and our fast passes let us wait in some nice COLD A/C! Did I mention that I had been holding this kid for nearly the entire day so far?  Either he’d run away and be crazy disobedient or I had to hold him. Boy my back hurt.

disney 063

It was so hot, and my back was tight from holding him that I really had no desire to take many pictures at all. I do wish i had a smaller camera with me maybe I would have been more snap happy. After cooling off in the show which the kid never saw b/c he wouldn’t keep his glasses on. We rode the carousel. This ride he enjoyed very much, he’d seen one on Handy Manny so he knew what to expect :) and we took care of another item on his wishlist.

disney 076

disney 079

It was time for a potty break so we stopped by a restroom close to Ariel’s Grotto and went potty refilled the water bottles and then the kiddo found a fun water playground and had a blast getting wet. Honestly if this is all we did the whole trip he would have had the time of his life! We did locate a few of these around the parks that he had fun splashing in.


Next up was another indoors activity The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Ride. It was a fun ride but what he enjoyed more was rabbits house and poohs house playground.  Aunt Jessie, Dad, and me all took turns watching him play on this playground getting soaked and having a blast while we ate lunch at some tables nearby.


Lunch was a PB&J sandwich made that morning and brought in our soft sided cooler. YUMMY we had apples and snacks packed in the BIG fanny pack. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed the resting time :) Next up we headed over to Mickey’s Toon Town to go on Jack’s First Roller Coaster ride. He was tired, we all were tired, but we still were up for lots of fun!  The wait for The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm was a bit long but we had our fans and snacks and had fun looking for hidden mickeys along the way. Here I am holding him still.

disney 120

A hidden mickey:

disney 121 

You’ve seen the video of his first ride check it out again if you want a good giggle :) Next up into the tent to see the princesses. The wait was fairly short for the princesses, but the fairy line was 45 minutes we went with princesses? The kid sure isn’t into princesses but hey it was a wait in A/C so we were all for it! But darn if I don’t look like a big hot mess in these pictures LOL.


Our next stop was to ride the train the kiddo was so tired. We knew a train ride would put him asleep in no time.  As we were headed to the train Aunt Jessie noticed some characters tucked behind the building so we made our way over there and were the first people in line and made our rounds to each character/group of characters. There were a few others but we opted not to take a picture with them and get on the train.


The train ride was nice! Breezy and relaxing. I of course was holding the kiddo and he fell asleep right away.


I think we rode the train 2 or 3 times around the park. Getting off at Frontier land where Jessie and I rode splash mountain. Dad and Jack stayed in the shade while he finished his nap.  We then went over to Pirates of the Carribean where Jessie and I rode that we had no wait so we figured we’d jump on. I thought it was boring. But the characters sure were life like.  It started to pour down rain. We tried to find a place to wait it out. We pulled out our ponchos and waited. I think we were all pooped at this point.  We headed back to the front of the park to leave then I remembered I wanted to get Jack his Mickey Ears and have his name put on it. So we waited around the hat shop for 45 minutes for it to be made (note to self do that first thing in the day DUH!). But doesn’t this kid look cute in mickey ears?

disney 148

We were leaving and right off to the side before you exit there was Chip & Dale and Pluto!!!! We quickly jumped in line and got our pictures taken and our autograph books signed:


I think overall that day we had 16 signatures added to our autograph books. What a fun fun fun day! We headed home and shared about our day with grandma and our friends J&B then hit the sack.

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