Vacation Day 1: Travel & Downtown Disney

Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We woke up at 3:30am this morning to head off to Orlando for our family vacation at Walt Disney World.  What a fun trip it was.

Here is a morning (4 am) video of the kiddo, excited but barely awake. I picked him up out of bed to put him in the car and he said “Where are we going?” I said “Disney World.” and he said “ALREADY? I need a nap.” LOL not many times does he ask for a nap.

We picked up Grandma and aunt Jessie at their house packed up the car and headed down to Orlando. The trip down was nice we arrived around 2pm and headed over to Downtown Disney to hang out and play a bit before we headed over to our hosts home for the night. 

It was HOT but we walked around seeing the sites:


We saw the “hugest McDonalds we’d ever seen” a direct quote from the kiddo.


Right next to the McDonalds was the Lego Store with a playground Jack enjoyed the playground the most but did have fun playing with the legos for a bit building a race car with Aunt Jessie & Daddy.


The Lego Store definitely had lots to look at (and warning to Thomas lovers they have Thomas lego sets) I had to carry him out of the store kicking because it was just too much fun and he wanted me to buy him everything.


Then we ended up walking right by a ride on train so double whammy we HAD to give him a ride and he rode with Jessie, grandma treated.  But then once surely wasn’t enough so we bought the second ride with daddy. But hey we’re made of money right? And here is the most boring video on earth:

We finished out the day with a FREE boat ride from one side of Downtown Disney to the other side (where we parked).



Over all a great first day of our vacation. We headed to our wonderful friends’ home to sleep and get ready for our next day at Magic Kingdom.

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