Tackle It Tuesday: Work!

Posted by Liz McCoy Tuesday, March 24, 2009
The last Friday through Monday I was off work and at home with my sweet wonderful kiddo!  We had an awesome time together playing outside and enjoying the INCREDIBLE weather.  I was able to get through my nearly 5 weeks of paper sorting to get my coupons out of them.  Because of the quantity it took me a couple days to complete (I'll post pictures when I get home) we also were able to make a big empty space in the garage!! We both feel better about that.

SO for today my tackle is my WORK! I have lots to get done here at the office. Five states of monthly tax filings/reporting, payroll. I am going to be here for the rest of the week so probably not much time online.

I'll try to post some before & after shots of my coupon sorting and other projects I tackled this weekend.

Are you planning on tackling anything today? This week? This weekend?
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