PAD: Things I love (Days 15-20)

Posted by Liz McCoy Sunday, March 1, 2009

I found this torn paper heart at the bottom of the recycle bin after emptying 4 big bins of papers into the recycle dumpster.  How cool was this to see the day after Valentine’s day!! And to think I could have missed it if I was in a hurry. Just a random reminder to LOVE.

I am loving how much my son is enjoying his activity calendar.  Of course I could be aggressive to finish it up and then we’d be all set.

I love my son’s new smile. It’s cheesy and adorable! It definitely puts a smile on my face. He loves saying “picture me mom…picture me”.


I’m loving my new haircut! so much easier to maintain and I wear it down most days too!


I love CANDY! The sweet tart hearts are sooo yummy!!


Lounging in my pajamas! I bought these PJ’s at Target after Christmas they were $5 and the best $5 I’ve ever spent! They are soooooo comfy and easy to spend the whole day in!

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