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Posted by Liz McCoy Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thanks for tuning in everyone.  Sorry for the late post. I’ve been sick all weekend and haven’t felt up to sitting at the computer very long. We’ve got a little testimonial for you today from my friend Kim Liddiard. She’s taken off with this couponing and has completely made it her own. It’s exciting for me to be able to share deals and ideas and fellowship around another common interest (we also both LOVE digital scrapbooking).


Let me start off with... I blame it all on Liz!  I don't even remember how the subject came up, but she started telling me of the wonderful world of savings in the coupon world.  Well then, I just had to see it for myself. Being a Sam's Club shopper for close to $20 years and hardly even going to the local grocery store, I thought I was doing pretty good with our grocery spending.  It was funny, too, I always got the same things when I went with very little variation in our diet. Bulk would save me the many trips to the store and I could go a few weeks without having to shop again. With couponing, I am enjoying the thrill of the hunt to find new deals. I have always done this when shopping for anything else, including electronics... why not our food! My latest trip was only $83 and I saved $77 - a savings of about 45% on my bill... but that is not all! I got a $10 on your next order by paying attention to a frozen foods deal. Woot! You really ought to try it!  If you get hooked... do what I do... blame it all on Liz!

P.S. The school wants me to get a mom's group going that will show them how to save money on groceries and be more economically minded... Isn't that cool?!

I’d love to hear from more of you and your couponing experiences.  Oh and if you’d like to check out Kim’s digital scrapbook designs here blog is: http://thecreativepixel.com .


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