Ringing in the New Year

Posted by Liz McCoy Thursday, January 15, 2009

On December 27, 2008 we had a girls night and a guys night.  The guys in the family headed over to Dave and Busters for some dinner and gaming.  While us girls (plus one little 2yo boy) hung out at mom’s house and sang Karaoke and then played Wii until the boys got home. 

Disclaimer: Watch at your own risk this is me and my sister singing Summer Nights from Grease. She’s good me not so good. The last 12 seconds are the best!

Here is Jack rocking out:

I think you can tell we had a bunch of fun.  It was great getting to spend quality time with some of my sisters and mom.

New Year’s Eve was great we had a game night with our whole fellowship.  A bunch of people watched the GA Tech game and a bunch played board games and a few of us played the Wii.  Of course I was a Wii player and I totally kicked everyone else’s butts LOL!  Well to be fair it was Paula’s first time playing.  Of course I was much too busy to take any pictures…so you’ll have to use your imagination.  Jack did stay up all the way to midnight.  Some neighbors set off fireworks so we tried to get him to watch them but he was too scared and now every night he says I don’t like fireworks uh oh.  We’ll have to see if he grows out of this before the 4th of July.

New Year’s Day most of the family had the day off so we played games and Wii again all together at mom & dad’s house.

01-01-09 Family Time 015
This picture is funny of my dad looks like he’s making a shocked face that Jack is having a beer.  Well that’s not his beer it’s mine but it sure is funny what some pictures capture.

01-01-09 Family Time 013-2 
Mom and Jack. His new thing at the time was to put a pen behind his ear like Handy Manny :D

01-01-09 Family Time 018-2 
Becca’s friend Jonathan, Rosie, Andy & Ken all watching a football game on tv down in the office/man’s room.

 01-01-09 Family Time 033 
Dad, Mom, Jonathan, & Becca playing rummikub.

01-01-09 Family Time 006-2 
My adorable kiddo in his Miami dolphins (Daddy’s favorite team) outfit being too cute as usual.

01-01-09 Family Time 014-2 

Dancing with Aunt Becca.

01-01-09 Family Time 038
Aunt Rosie and Jack sharing a candy cane :) Okay maybe not sharing. Rosie’s probably protecting the whole room from a sticky coating from Jack enjoying a candy cane.


You maybe asking where is Liz during all this fun?? Over the holiday break I was a Wii addict!  I was perfecting my bowling skills with game after game after game at home and at Mom and Dad’s. I have a very unique style to how I bowl and I think these pictures do a good job capturing it, let me share with you my secret techniques for striking!

01-01-09 Family Time 027 
Notice the flamingo leg (a crucial part of the roll).

01-01-09 Family Time 031
Now don’t forget you have to really take off and get some good air under your feet. And completely follow through on your swing

01-01-09 Family Time 032
Now make sure you have some intense concentration on your face.

What wasn’t captured on film is my victory dance.  When I strike WOO HOO! That probably will have to be in a video format :P

Apparently unique bowling form runs in the family:
01-01-09 Family Time 034
Jessie, not happy with what just happened with her wii game.

01-01-09 Family Time 036

I think we all rang in the new year beautifully!  I sure am thankful for such a great holiday and how we all were able to be together even if it was just for a couple of hours for some of us.  My family is certainly a treasure to me and I am thankful for their love, support and the opportunities we get to be together.

Did you have a great new years??  Have any wii stories to share? Want to comment on my unique bowling moves??  I love hearing from you!

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