2008 Holiday Recap

Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I finally finished editing and reviewing all my pictures from over the holiday.  And it has almost been a whole month since the holiday. Here are a few story boards to give you a feel for how our holiday went.  I sure hope that your holiday was just as wonderful as ours.

Our celebrating started early on the 13th when Ken’s parents came up from Florida to celebrate.  Jack got a new carseat which was a need and a huge blessing to have gotten it.  (We’re still saving for the second one for daddy’s car.) He was soo excited for weeks he’d say “nice carseat. my papaw gave it to me” :) He really likes the cup holder too.  This picture was taken in grandma’s car but the seat has since moved over to my van.

Here is xmas morning.  Jack woke up and he was excited and shy b/c we had all the family here to watch him come down the stairs.  He loved his Santa toys (all wooden and unwrapped – that’s how Santa does it at our house)  Grandma and grandpa got him goggles and a great book from grandpa.  Mommy got him a computer. Daddy a race track.  Aunt Jessie made him puppets and Aunt Rosie got him a puppet theater.  He got a bunch of other presents too. 


After opening presents at my house we went down the street to grandma and grandpa’s house and had our traditional breakfast feast.  Then we opened more presents.  Grandma and Grandpa made us these awesome banks with old US Post Office doors.  A real treat b/c they’re from a place we used to live I remember when they were in their location.  It was cool to get from them a handmade gift, something that will be treasured for years to come.

That afternoon we went to our traditional Christmas Day movie.  This tradition started 8 years ago.  It really is a fun treat for the whole family and yes even Jack went.  He did really well to watch the movie and to be quiet in the theater.  The movie we went to (Marley & Me) was completely full, but the theater wasn’t. By the time we left there were LOTS of people waiting to get tickets.  I guess we’re not the only ones with this tradition.

Right after the movie we met up with Rosie and Andy in the parking lot and took a family picture since Tori was leaving in an hour to head off to Switzerland. What was funny is how we all coordinated our colors and outfits without ever discussing it.

E - 12-25-08 Bianchi Family Photos 009-1 
Friends & Family don’t worry we did not forget to send you one we haven’t sent them out yet.  Your happy new year card is still to come.

I will recap the rest of our holiday fun tomorrow.

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