God Answers Prayers! Now…What to cook?

Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Maybe you’ve seen me twitter that God had recently blessed us big time.  We’re getting a new oven!  Our 30+ year old oven (pictured below) had caught on fire (a small glowing fire) during the summer and we have not used it since.  And after not having a working oven since then it has been rough cooking everything in the toaster oven/stove/microwave. The landlord wanted to just replace parts Ken and I really felt like that wasn’t the best solution as the oven is original to the house.  I finally wrote down our need for a new oven in my prayer book and started praying for that need in my 2 hours a week prayer time (per my service contract with the ministry).  It didn’t take but a week of prayer when the landlord called and said he’d send someone out in a week or so to pull out the old oven and replace it.  He called back and said he’d be over even sooner.  Last Saturday they came and took out the oven!!!  We have a big hole in the kitchen but it’s very exciting :)  We should be getting the new oven on the 18th.

 McCoy - Kitchen 6-9-08 021


So my next part of this post is I need help what should I cook my first time in the new oven???  Leave your favorite oven recipes in the comments and help me decide!!!!  Hey if I pick your recipe I’ll send you one of my felted wreath ornaments!


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