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Posted by Liz McCoy Monday, June 2, 2008
Yippie dh and I both are taking next week off of work for a week long vacation. Where are we going you ask???


But we're excited because we're taking this time to paint the kitchen!!!! We haven't decided if we will be removing the hideous kitchen wall paper or just painting over it.

DS will still be going to grandma's to be watched, while mommy and daddy work our butts off!!! I am super excited because I really want to go with a fresh modern color and hopefully dh will get on board with my selection.

We're not painting the cabinetry or the trim as it looks fine and was painted a couple years ago. the wall color change will be pretty dramatic in itself because the wall paper is so busy.

I'll post some before during and after pictures next week. I wanted to share this now because I'm soo excited. Hopefully we stick to our schedule and are able to complete the whole project by that Friday when dh's parents come into town. It would be cool to show them the improved kitchen.

I wanted to paint the kitchen b/c 1. I hate the wall paper but more for reason 2. is that the busyness of the wall behind our kitchen desk adds to the messiness. I also have somethings I want to hang on the wall and didn't want to put them on the wallpaper then take them down to paint and then put them back up again.

So hopefully by the end of next week our kitchen desk project will be finished too!!!

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