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Posted by Liz McCoy Thursday, June 12, 2008
Anyone want to share the blog tools they use???


Here is one I LOVE called Disqus.
It is a comment manager it turns your comments on a post into a
threaded gropuing. It also allows you to manage all your comments (on
multiple blogs, too) from one control panel. I love that it also
integrates with Plaxo (
where I feed my blogs into. If someone leaves a comment on my blog post
within plaxo it will show up on my blog for others outside of plaxo to


I also use Scribefire (for Firefox) and love love love publishing to all my blogs through scribefire.

When posting photos at home I will sometimes use Picasa (free photo manager) you can easily edit your photos then publish them to your blogger blogs.

Anyone else have any tools they want to share.

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