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Posted by Liz McCoy Friday, February 8, 2008
Let me preface...this is going to be a long post but I think well worth the read.

I'm getting lots of post inspiration lately from the blogs I subscribe to. Earlier this morning I saw my believers category light up with one unread post. I was very excited because that category have all my friends from The Way fellowship in it. Most often the posts are from a friendwho use to live here in Georgia who now is continuing his education in Mexico and teaching computers to elementary school children.

However today was a treat it was from a friend who still live here in Georgia, Denny, I don't often see posts from Denny on his personal blog so I was quite eager to read it. He shared how he wants to start documenting his blessings and deliverances that God has worked in his life. His blog post was quite inspiring in the specifics of how he was delivered in a certain category of his life. One of the main points was that he sought wise counsel from his Household Fellowship Coordinator.

In reading that I was reminded how often times I revert back to my old man nature (or worldly thinking and behavior) and think that I am my own sufficiency rather than trusting in God and knowing HE is my sufficiency in ALL THINGS!

A week ago I was given some news that would cause me to have to take a hard look at my child care situation. In my immediate view of the situation I had only 2 options. 1) Send my child to daycare. 2) Quit my job and stay at home.

First of let me say that I strongly do not want to send my son to daycare. Secondly if I were to quit my job dh and I would have to cut back tremendously in our life style. I also didn't want to quit my job as I enjoy working there part-time and I make good money. I also have an 8 year history at my employer.

All that first weekend I was really really stressing about the situation. My dh was out of town so that compounded it because I couldn't discuss it with him and work out the solution together.

After calming down and going to our STS phone hook-up I was able to really get a little less emotional and more logical. I had God inspired idea and held fast to that idea as being our solution to the problem. We didn't know much about things so we googled and tried to research. But we weren't getting anywhere. I had mentioned to my husband I would ask my boss if he knew of anyone who may have experience in this situation. I didn't do that all week. My stress level was still elevated the whole week.

After reading Denny's post this morning I knew I had to take the 20 steps to my bosses office and ask him. In this situation he was my wise counsel. Well without hesitation he knew exactly who I needed to speak with and got me the contact information!!! He felt confident that this man would be able to help my situation. I feel a bit less stressed knowing next week I will be calling this contact and believingly the results will come quickly.

Denny is endeavoring to log his blessings and share them via his blog. I too want to do this. Right now I am working on a wedding reception, baby shower and welcome home party for friends and the theme is blessed/blessings...with that in the back of my mind i was even further inspired when I read Denny's post.

I want to make a concerted effort to blog my blessings each day. Sharing how God has blessed me and delivered me in situations is part of my ministry of reconciliation. Sharing my deliverance will inspire others to recognize God's magnificent power moving in their lives.

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