Word in Business Breakfast 10-13-07

Posted by Liz McCoy Monday, October 15, 2007
What a great meeting!  I thought I'd review alittle bit about the sharing that Rev. Royal shared with us at the Word in Business Breakfast this past Saturday.

The title of the teaching was "The Needful Thing".  One of the main points that she made was what is the needful thing at each moment in your life.  That is a decision we need to make constantly.  If the needful thing is to prepare your home for fellowship then checking your email or starting a work project is not what you should be doing.  That's how we become over whelmed and scattered when we don't focus and ask ourselves what the needful thing is.

Another point that I took away was priorities!! This falls in line with the needful thing.  This was a teaching that healed my heart and energized me.  I have been feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and scattered with things lately.  And I know what my problem is but didn't want to really do anything about it.  I haven't been in The Word.  I had been doing a little but not ENOUGH.  I was/am limiting God. Where are my priorities???  Am I putting things before God yes and that's where I need to change.   She shared how she works so that she can serve (the household). 

What a great way to look at things and how to put things in perspective in terms of priorities.  I do try to serve the household and others but things get stressful in other areas...and getting my priorities straight will give me more open doors.

Anyway this falls inline with what I'm trying to do with my life this year.  I really am endeavoring to live a simple and decluttered (mentally & physically) life. Hmm...think God can help with that??? YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow the organizer is coming over to assess the office...tomorrow night is my STS video night with dh...I'm anticipating a productive day!
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