Great Day!

Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Wow....yesterday was fantastic!! I really felt sooo productive.

I cleaned up a bit before I met with my organizer!!! What a great meeting she has some great ideas and I'm excited to get started getting my house out of CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome ~ and into PEACE!!!

She has already mentioned some great changes in the layout of our home...which I had never considered. I'm just so eager to get this process going. The state of my home is just sooo over whelming I can't stand it.

I went shopping with my mom to get a sewing pattern for Jack's Costume and fabric. Man I'm picky....I just had the greatest costume ever when I was little (okay just alittle built up in my mind) of a clown costume...and I want that for him. First off there aren't really any clown costumes at Target and walmart, etc. all pretty much characters and I'm not into that. And how awesome is it that Grandma and Mommy are making his costume???? I always wanted to be one of those moms LOL. I want to make it to have a bit of room in it but still small enough for another child. I almost bought a pattern yesterday but it got wet so no go on that it wasn't as poofy as I was looking for. And what do you know looking online today I've found a vintage 1949 pattern that looks exactly like what I had as a child soooo....I'm gonna order it and then start looking for the perfect fabric!!! I know I'm cutting it close...I hope they can send me the pattern ASAP!!

So after that I had a dentist appointment to get my bridge repaired and also my teeth cleaned. (Don't ask how long it had been since I had my teeth cleaned) It felt great! I've also looked into getting dental implants rather than bridges that need to be re-cemented b/c of loose teeth around them.

I will be making an appointment to see an oral surgeon. I sure hope my insurance will pay b/c it is NOT cheap about 5K per tooth and I have 2!!! I'm also looking to have my teeth whitened and the bottoms straightened and whitened.

The 2007-2008 Ministry Theme is Our Power for Abundant is also my Extreme Makeover year. This year I am changing my habits, my physical appearance and health, I'm changing my whole lifestyle. I'm energized, excited, and eager to be my best for God, myself, and my family!!! WATCH OUT.....Liz 2.0 coming soon!!!!

Love ya!
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