Kinda down

Posted by Liz McCoy Tuesday, August 21, 2007
I'm a bit down tonight...just tired I guess.  I just want to vent but I know if I get some sleep I'll feel better tomorrow. So I won't say anything I'll regret now.

Exciting news for DH...he gets to go to the Bristol night race this incredible is that??  Well I'm not much of a race fan but he is so that's exciting and amazing. It is something he, my sister, and Dad have always talked about doing, and both of them are excited for DH too.

I helped mom work on my lil sister's room swap today. I'm so excited how well it turned out there are a few things left to move in and arrange but all the major pieces are there. She even has a beading station...which she's super excited about.

I have a bridal shower on Saturday it's kitchened themed.  I already have the present wrapped it has been done for a week or so now.  I have their wedding presents wrapped already too..LOL

I'm at a transition point with responsibilities I have in different areas of my life.  Just alot of stress and decisions to be made.  Your perspective really changes when you become a parent. 

I was looking forward to going to the movies this weekend we'll reschedule that hopefully sometime soon.  Speaking of movies I think the last one I've saw at the theater was the movie with keri russell and the pies. 

Well i think i'll move on and watch my tv movie tonight...and hopefully I'll have a better attitude tomorrow.


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