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Posted by Liz McCoy Monday, July 23, 2007
Friends of ours are trying to get pregnant and the husband asked us what the secret was. We jokingly said red lingerie! So dh and I decided we'd send them some.  That was a while ago and I had just gotten around to actually ordering it from Victoria's Secret earlier this month.

I had it gift wrapped and put a gift tag on it however they don't allow for much wording on those. I was trying to write an explanation as to why we're sending lingerie to them?? Because of space I just wrote get-r-done! and our names.  Oh yeah and I sent it to the husbands attention. LOL

We called last night to see if they'd gotten it b/c we'd heard from another friend that they had...and we wanted to get all the details.  The wife came home to find a package on the front step for her hubby and was wondering why he would be receiving a package that was so light??? She opened it but missed the gift tag and saw it was from victoria's secret and was even more confused why he wouldn't just go to the store but had it mailed home and not to work even???  She found the gift tag and laughed then decided to mess with her hubby.  She was on her way to his job site (he's a construction foreman) anyway so she brought the package along and went up to him and asked him to explain why he'd received this package.  He made her go back to the truck b/c he didn't want his guys to see the box. Of course he had NO explanation at all.  She said the look on his face was classic!  She showed him the gift tag and it all came together.  Fun times!

So we hope that they get some good use out of that LOL and get preggers soon! hehehe.

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