127 Yard Sale

Posted by Liz McCoy Monday, July 30, 2007
I'm sooo excited I get to go this year. I haven't been in 2 years and I SOOOO missed it. The 127 Corridor is the World's Longest Yardsale stretching from alabama to ohio...along US127.

It is a yardsaler's dream come true...way better than any estate sale or community garage sale!! My sister Rebecca and I will be going and hopefully my friend Sarah too! We'll leave dark and early (before or at sunrise) so we can get up to the chattanooga area sometime in the morning and still get some good yard sale hours in. I get the minivan back on tuesday so that will make a great travel and collecting vehicle. I'm thinking we may pack a lunch/dinner...some areas have food vendors and/or fast food near by but we might not want to miss out on any thing LOL.

Anyone else out there going this year????

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