Duct Tape Covered Frame

Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, August 21, 2013
The kiddo has started 2nd grade working on all the usual subjects.  We don't get to do art every day but we were able to squeeze it in today.  Both the kiddo and myself had some crafting time, he worked on his about me project and I upcycled a hand-me-down frame.

duct tape frame
The kiddo cut out and designed the clothes and pasted them onto the paper doll cutout.  He then wrote a few sentences about the things he likes right now. He practiced his fine motor skills with cutting and then practiced his handwriting. I used some washi tape to frame the art project and stick it to the matting that came in the frame.
Speaking of the frame, last week a friend of mine had been cleaning out a house and letting me pick through the cast offs before she donated them.  So I picked up this dated chipped blue frame that had a restaurant menu framed in it.  I had thought I would spray paint it one day and find some use for it. I mean a 2.5' frame for free...yeah I couldn't do better than that.
While the kiddo was crafting I thought this frame would be the perfect size for this project. Since it has been raining so much lately and it still was too damp I didn't want to deal with spray paint and I remembered I had some duct tape out from the other day...Bingo! Bango!
In about 10 minutes, $0, and no clean up I had a completely new art for my walls!

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