Decorating a Small Front Porch–Autumn

Posted by Liz McCoy Friday, October 19, 2012
I decorated our small front porch for fall/Halloween. Our porch is pretty small so it really didn’t require much to decorate, but I went overboard anyway. I love those big front porches with swings and benches with lots of character. We obviously don’t have that. Like I said our porch is small and it is pretty dark with the brick and the door painted black.

This season we purchased the straw bales, live mums, corn husks, and two jumbo pumpkins for carving, everything else is stuff I had in storage.

fall porch decor

fall porch

I haven’t done much decorating inside because my 20 month old thinks they are pumpkin toys. maybe next year one the playroom is built out and playing happens downstairs. I’ve pinned lots of craft projects for next year too.

Do you decorate your front porch?? Share your pictures I’d love to see!
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